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The US cannabis industry is among the very few ones that boomed through the pandemic. This was also the time when the industry saw a steep hype in the sales of cannabis, which was all thanks to the enhanced delivery systems introduced across the country.

Cannabis dispensaries saw the sharp increase in demand and immediately revised their delivery systems so users at home during lockdown could enjoy their favorite strains and relieve themselves of the mounting stress of the situation then.

Since then, cannabis delivery systems have been a popular way of buying cannabis. However, some new users are still confused whether they should opt for cannabis delivery or resort to the conventional method of going down to the dispensary in person. 

This is exactly what this blog is about. We will highlight the benefits of both ways of cannabis purchase, which will help you decide and opt for the one that works best according to your lifestyle.


Why Are Cannabis Delivery Systems A Good Alternative to Shopping In-Store?

There is more than just one reason why curbside pickups and deliveries continue to become a favorite way for users to buy their cannabis. Some of those reasons are:

You won’t overspend

When you’re buying online, you are likely to research and opt for the items that you prefer. This will keep you from over spending.

It is less of a hassle

Getting cannabis delivered means you can save time by simply placing orders online and not having to take time out of your busy routine to go to the store.

There’s no line! 

Shopping online means you don’t have to stand in those long queues at checkout. Simply choose your favorite strains, add them to cart, and proceed with your payment.


Why shopping in-store could be a better alternative?

Similar to the numerous pros of shopping online, shopping in-store has its benefits too. 

In-person assistance 

When you’re in a cannabis dispensary, budtenders will go out of their way to guide you and help you out in opting for the best possible strains and products according to your needs. 

The physical feel

The best part of being physically present at a cannabis dispensary is that you could admire the actual look and feel of the strain you’re about to buy. This takes your buying experience to a whole new level. 

You get the product right away

In-store shopping means that when you leave the store, your favorite strains leave with you. You can just take the product home and enjoy consuming it right away! 

No extra charges

Going to a cannabis dispensary will save you from potential delivery costs and minimum order caps. It means that not only do you save those delivery costs, but you can also purchase as little amount of cannabis as you want.


Taking the Decision 

The point is, both, delivery and in-store cannabis purchasing experiences have their unique benefits. You can weigh the alternatives based on the abovementioned pointers and decide which method works best for you. 

If you want to order online, head over to our award-winning dispensary near you, Medizin, and place your order!

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