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Ariana Medizin budtender
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Budtender Picks: Ariana’s Faves

October 27, 2022
Trying cannabis for the first time can be daunting and the thought of going to…
Cannabis wax in a white china pot
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How To Make Cannabutter At Home

October 19, 2022
Cannabutter is one of the most popular homemade edibles. It's easy to make (if you…
Cannabis wax
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What Is Cannabis Wax? A How To Guide

October 12, 2022
If you've been using cannabis for a while, you may have heard of cannabis wax.…
woman taking cannabis tincture
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CBD For All- 5 Best Ways To Consume CBD

October 4, 2022
CBD is a sister-molecule to THC found in hemp-grown cannabis plants. CBD is both non-intoxicating…
Close up of cannabis product on yellow background
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What Is The Juice In THC Vape Pens?

September 26, 2022
With the rising popularity of vaping cannabis, there is often confusion about the juice or…
Close up of cannabis plant on pink background
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Top 5 Indica Strains to try in 2022

September 19, 2022
There are many types of Indica strains that are amazing but tend to be overlooked.…

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