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Cannabis edibles such as food products, snacks, confectionery items, capsules, lozenges, and more are becoming popular for their safe, effective, and long-lasting impacts. However, they may also produce some unwanted effects if over-consumed.

For some cannabis enthusiasts, nothing compares to the feeling of calm they experience when consuming the THC-infused snacks. It may provide a freeing and relaxing feeling. However, others may only feel the effects and calm when they intake an ideal THC dosage. It’s important to know your correct dosage because either too high a dose or too low a dose can have an inadvertent impact on each individual.

Though the physiology of each human being resembles one another, each person is different. So, similar doses of THC could have a different impact on each person. One person consuming a particular cannabis product could react entirely differently from the other person consuming a similar item. This isn’t only the case with cannabis, but every medication may have different impacts on different people.

Some of the integral factors that help decide the perfect dosage might include the previous medical history of the consumer, prior record of cannabis consumption, gastrointestinal factors, and the functional sensitivity levels of an individual’s endocannabinoid system.

For instance, many patients who tend to be THC sensitive work well with low doses, for example, below 1 mg. As soon as they go over the limit of 10mg and begin using higher doses such as 15 mg, 20 mg, and so on, the risks of adverse impacts such as nausea increased paranoia, and anxiety activation begins to maximize.

What Dosage of Luxury Edibles Should You Consume?

Though the ideal dosage of luxury edibles varies based on multiple factors such as the chemistry of a human’s body, tolerance level, the desired experience of a consumer, we’ve put together some standard guidelines to help you find your perfect dose of luxury cannabis edibles.

Please take a look at them and find your perfect dose today!

1-2.5 mg THC Infused Edibles

This dose is perfect for first-time cannabis consumers or those who regularly consume it, yet desire a subtle impact by sticking to microdoses. It may provide mild relief from symptoms such as anxiety, pain, and stress. It may also help to boost creativity and focus in a consumer.

2.5-15 mg THC Infused Edibles

This is a mild dose of luxury cannabis edibles that could be best for recreational use and for people who might be looking for relief from mild symptoms of sleepiness, anxiety, and stress. It may help to relieve anxiety, stress, and pain by letting an individual enter a state of euphoria. It may also help the consumer to get a good night’s sleep.

30-50 mg THC Infused Edibles

This dosage of THC is perfect for those with high tolerance bodies and whose gastrointestinal systems do not absorb cannabinoids that easily. It may produce euphoric feelings in the consumer and encourage a state of relaxation.

50-100 mg THC Infused Edibles

This high THC dosage could work for experienced cannabis consumers with highly tolerant bodies and patients with cancer, inflammatory disorders, or other chronic diseases. This dosage may have a heavy effect on the senses and encourage intense relaxation depending on the strain. It may also create too much of an intense euphoric feeling for those not used to such high doses and you should always start low and go slow when experimenting with upping your dose.

How Much Time Does It Take to Feel the High Post Consuming Luxury Cannabis Edibles?

A very common mistake most cannabis consumers make is overconsumption because of not feeling the effects instantly. For instance, if you don’t happen to feel any impact for the first hour, you’d most likely consume another dose – and then an hour later, both doses would start to impact the user. This could potentially cause overconsumption effects such as nausea, increased pain, and anxiety.

The key is to wait for the impacts and let yourself feel them naturally, normally and edible may take anywhere from 45 minutes to 1 hour to feel any effects. THC doses can affect people differently, so there are chances that you enter the state of euphoria one hour later than someone else consuming the same product. There’s no need to panic, and always remember to start with a low dose, and if you need to increase do it very slowly and always wait the recommended amount of time before trying more. The real challenge is to know how and when a particular dose is reacting with your body perfectly in order to repeat the method and timing.

How to Best Consume the Luxury Cannabis Edibles?

  1. In case you aren’t feeling anything post one hour of consuming cannabis edibles, try helping your digestion and other gut functions kickstart by eating some snacks, like an apple. It can help you in feeling the effects of your cannabis dosage.
  2. If you’re consuming cannabis for the first time in life, there are chances that you don’t feel any effects after the first few doses. You can try consuming 3-4 microdoses in 8-24 hours to feel the effects closely.
  3. Some humans may not absorb THC through natural digestion and gut functions. They can consume their desired cannabis doses with another type of cannabis product, like a vape or flower.

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