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The US cannabis industry has become a multi-billion-dollar sector, and it is still on a growth trajectory. Despite such enormous traction in the past few decades, there are still a few myths floating across the industry that are keeping potential users from buying and using legalized cannabis.

Myths in this industry are associated with a lot of things – purchasing cannabis, becoming a user, the potential effects and side-effects, and a lot more.

In this blog, we will take some of the myths associated with going to a cannabis dispensary, and bust them!

Medizin Front

Myth #1 You Must Know Everything about Cannabis

A very common myth that circulates among the non-users is that you have to look up everything there is to know before going to a cannabis dispensary. People assume they must know everything about the product or strain they are planning to purchase or know exactly what they want to order.

Busting the Myth

Cannabis dispensaries have expert budtenders who know everything about strains, brands, and how to use the products. These budtenders attend to new and old users every day and know precisely how to assist you with the purchase.

Furthermore, part of an expert budtender’s job is to recommend the perfect strains based on the user’s desired effects, needs, and lifestyle.

At Medizin, we train our staff to have knowledge of every product we sell, as well as terpenes and the effects and educate customers on how to find the best product for them.


Myth #2 You Must Have a Medical Marijuana Card to Visit a Dispensary in Las Vegas

The medical cannabis industry is highly regulated across states. It is why a lot of non-users think that getting into a dispensary is difficult and requires permits or paperwork, including a valid medical marijuana card.

Busting the Myth

Medical marijuana cards are only required if you are entering a cannabis dispensary to purchase medical cannabis for a pre-approved illness. States that are allowed to sell recreational cannabis, such as Nevada, only require that you are above the age of 21.  Visiting a cannabis dispensary to buy recreational cannabis in approved states only requires you to simply show a valid identification (like a driver’s license) that proves your age.

In the case of medical cannabis, some states (like the sunshine state) even allow you to make the purchases before your medical marijuana card arrives by ensuring that you’re pre-approved by the state.

The bottom line is, no! You don’t always need a medical marijuana card to enter a dispensary in Las Vegas.

Myth #3 Cannabis at Dispensaries May Be Illegal

It has been years since the legal cannabis industry in different states began thriving. Despite fully regulated procedures and processes, non-users still have a stigma attached to visiting dispensaries. They still think that something illicit may happen, especially since the purchase and consumption are not legal on a national scale.

Busting the Myth

Cannabis dispensaries are fully legal entities that operate under the guidelines of official state laws and regulations. It means that although cannabis may not have legal status on a federal scale, you have the liberty to consume it within the confines of states (that have pronounced it legal) under regulations set by state officials. These dispensaries even contribute to the state through hefty taxes and licensing fees.

However, bear in mind that even in a cannabis-legal state, you are prohibited from consuming it (in any form) in public areas.

Best Las Vegas Dispensary

If you have never been to a dispensary and this blog helped you change your perception around cannabis, come visit Medizin, our Las Vegas dispensary. Medizin is one of the best dispensaries in Las Vegas that offers a wide range of strains and products to choose from.

The unparalleled customer service by budtenders at Medizin is also what makes shopping at Medizin a unique experience.

If you plan on visiting us, we’re operational between 8 am and 12 am from Sunday to Monday. You can also get delivery and pickup options by ordering online.


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