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There’s something captivating about the aroma of cannabis that enhances the natural experience and provides a super soothing effect. Be it the sweet and delightful scent of the blueberry syrup or the citric hints of lemon killer haze, we all know that there’s something inside these cannabis flowers creating such impactful aromas.

In fact, these aromatic cannabis flowers are all infused with terpenes, which not just helps to determine the flavor and scent of a particular strain, but also contribute to enhancing their effects on the human bodies and minds.

THC and CBD are popular due to the possible therapeutic impacts according to users, however, it’s the terpenes inside them that play a crucial role in defining a strain’s real impact. Researchers believe that terpenes work with cannabinoids, side by side, in producing the unique characteristics and effects of each particular cannabis strain.

Let’s take a look at what terpenes are, to be exact, and how they contribute to the structure, aroma, and effects of each different cannabis strain in this blog post.

What Are Cannabis Terpenes?

Cannabis terpenes are the aromatic oils found inside the similar glands of the cannabis plants where cannabinoids like THC and CBD are produced. They are popular for providing a different variety of cannabis strains with unique colors, scents, and flavors such as pine, berry, mint, and citrus.  

Like most aromatic plants and flowers, the terpenes tend to develop within a cannabis plant for adaptive purposes – such as luring in pollinators and repelling predators. So, a lot of factors contribute to the development of terpenes within plants – for instance, fertilizers, age and maturation, climatic conditions, weather, and even the specified time of the day when they are produced.

Currently, more than 100 different types of terpenes have been identified by the researchers, and each of them tends to have a unique composition and characteristics. Take a strain like Banana OG, it would surely have an aroma and flavor of banana infused inside.

Terpenes inside a cannabis strain play a crucial role in differentiating its effects from another strain. Though a lot of evidence showcases terpenes as an important factor in defining any particular cannabis strain, there’s still a need for research in this area to further clarify the facts.

While some of the terpenes promote stress-relieving and relaxing impacts, others may promote acuity and focus among the consumers. Terpinolene is typically found within cannabis strains which pose uplifting impacts, while myrcene is found within strains posing relaxing impacts.

The effects of a terpene are likely to change when combined with other terpenes as an outcome of the entourage effect. There’s more research required to study these changes in the effects comprehensively.

Though the terpenes are slightly different from each other, they are likely to add immense depth to the connoisseurship and horticultural art of cannabis strains. Also, they are popular for enhancing the therapeutic experiences of cannabis at large.

Most labs focused on cannabis analysis are now studying and testing for the terpene content as well. It helps to define a particular strain in a much better way and helps users predict the effects it might have on them. The unlimited possible combinations of cannabinoids with terpenes and even within themselves tend to open up the possibility of many potential cannabis benefits.

The Popular Terpenes Found Within Cannabis Strains at Medizin

Take a look at the most commonly found terpenes within cannabis strains and understand how they tend to impose different effects on the consumers. 


Just as the name suggests, pinene comes with a unique pine aroma. With cannabis strains, pinene tends to formulate incredible effects of memory retention and mental focus. It is also known for counteracting the sedating and memory-inhibiting characteristics of THC.


Myrcene is the most found terpene found in conventional cannabis products. It is famous for imposing the couch-locking sedative effects amongst consumers and is said to be present in the highest proportions among most strains.


Limonene comes with amazing citrus aromas and flavor, just as the name suggests. Though more research is required to determine its effects, it is said to help ease stress, depression, and heartburn among consumers with great efficiency.


This spicy terpene may come with antifungal and antioxidant properties. Research has indicated that it may help with treating anxiety and depression among consumers.


It is one of the least dominant terpenes, which comes with a complex aromatic combination of herbaceous, pine, florals, and fruits. Research suggests that terpinolene may have anti-bacterial and antifungal properties.

Apart from these commonly found terpenes, some more have been identified by the researchers as well. They include:

Ocimene – known for its sweet flavor, ocimene is usually found within cannabis perfumes and is said to have anti-inflammatory properties. 

Humulene – comes with a woody aroma and flavor, humulene is popular for having anti-inflammatory and antibacterial effects. 

Linalool – popular for its floral aroma and flavor, linalool is usually found in essential oils and reports to have antibiotic, sedative, pain-relieving, and antimicrobial properties altogether. 

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