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As the cannabis industry continues to grow steadily, people across the U.S. are still experimenting with the different ways of consuming recreational cannabis. While some users prefer THC at a higher dose, others may be actively looking for something that provides them a more mellow or even less psychoactive experience. One contemporary way of doing that is microdosing.

What is Microdosing?

While enjoying recreational-use cannabis, both new and avid users sometimes report reaching a point where they desire different levels of experienced effects. In an attempt to find a comfortable level, users may take minimized doses to maximize desired benefits when consuming cannabis, this is otherwise known as microdosing

Why Has Microdosing Becoming Popular?

What is it about this method of consumption that has prompted so much attention in recent newbies alongside cannabis enthusiasts? When you consume an edible, the effects often take time to kick in. Users may think that their dose did not affect them, leading to additional consumption of THC. But after an extended amount of time, a higher THC content from the two doses takes effect, leaving users with a significant and potentially unpleasant buzz to deal with. This could be one of many reasons consumers have reported a greater desire to reduce dosage and avoid a stoned, paranoid, or lethargic experience. 

There are a wide variety of reasons enthusiasts may be choosing microdosing as an essential part of their adopted daily routine. Many individuals have reported their reasons for microdosing include: to regulate their moods, enhance their workouts, boost their creativity, and even improve their yoga sessions. It is possible that in the process of finding what level works most comfortably, taking the time to try smaller doses of cannabis throughout the day may help lift your mood, relieve stress and built-up tension, and potentially aid in approaching work or activities with greater interest.  

Benefits of Microdosing

medizinlv The Basics of Microdosing

medizinlv The Basics of Microdosing

According to research, patients suffering from critical conditions may be able to reduce their pain through a lower dose of THC and CBD.

Another study found that consuming 4mg of a synthetic cannabinoid enables users to treat illnesses and issues like post-traumatic stress disorder and other similar problems.

Users and experts alike have reported that reverting focus to minimal THC doses may have a greater impact on an enjoyable experience and has potential to allow for a healthier lifestyle overall with a proper balance. This is especially true for individuals that utilize cannabis for medicinal benefits, pain relief, and stress aid.

How to Safely Microdose?

When it comes to microdosing, edibles are the most popular focus of consumption. They offer consistency and provide users with a steady transition of increasing or decreasing THC doses. The presence of predictability is welcomed by both new and amateur cannabis users.

Furthermore, you will be able to calculate your dose with better accuracy. For instance, if you consume one gummy containing 2.5mg of THC and feel the relative effects, it would be rather simple to determine whether or not you want to increase or decrease your following microdose and divide up the physical product if needed. 

In the case of puffing and smoking, it is a little different, as it more so depends on your time of inhalation. Tinctures and oils are also good options sometimes due to the ease of measurement.

While consuming edibles, always make sure to opt for reliable dispensaries and tested brands. In addition to consumption, you should also wait the instructed time for the effects to settle in. A lot of new users get confused when there is a slight delay in effect, assuming that their bodies need more THC to feel the resulting effects. However, it is always best to wait it out and be patient when consuming infused edibles before proceeding to ingest more infused products. 

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