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Cannabis is an experience that can be enhanced through the method and materials you use. Alone, it is a dense, leafy bud. But with cannabis accessories, it can be enjoyed properly crumbled into pipes, joints, bongs, and vaporizers. If you purchase oils or concentrates, cannabis accessories make it possible to vape or dab, delighting in the resulting clouds. The right cannabis accessories can even help you cook your own edibles and infused beverages.

With the vastly grown market for cannabis and supplies, how do you know the best cannabis accessories for your desired styles? At Medizin, we can help you find everything you need to discover your favorite cannabis method and enhance your every experience.

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Top Cannabis Accessories for Smoking

The most traditional way to enjoy cannabis is smoking, and there are many ways to do it. To smoke cannabis, you will start with leafy buds. You will need a grinder to break them up into soft flakes, then load that fluffy pile into a pipe, bong, or leaf vaporizer.

Cannabis Spoon Pipes

Cannabis pipes are usually spoon pipes, a special shape and style that captures resin as well as channeling delicious smoke through the glass neck. A spoon pipe is about the length of your hand, or a bit smaller, with a rounded bulb end and a mouthpiece. Spoon pipes can be compared both in the beauty of the glassmaker’s style and how smoothly they channel smoke from the bowl down the stem.

The Epic World of Bongs

Bongs are an all-time-favorite cannabis accessory for smoking. Larger than a pipe, they pull cannabis smoke from the bowl down into a water-filled chamber which serves to filter the smoke and reduce the harshness of your hit. You can get bigger hits from a bong, and they come in all sorts of fantastic designs.

When Smoking Becomes Vaping

Dry leaf vaporizers are boxes or pens that heat cannabis leaf so hot that it is no longer smoke, it is vapor. Vapor is gentler on your throat and lungs, but should be handled with care. Maintenance is important when operating a leaf vaporizer.

Rolling Joints

Joints are cannabis rolled into lightweight, smokable paper. They are a delightfully flavorful way to smoke cannabis and come with their own entire set of cannabis accessories for smoking.

How Do You Find a Good Rolling Paper?

Deciding on the right rolling paper can become tricky with a large number of alternatives present on the market. The paper you choose will define the flow and the lasting of your roll. As a safe option, you can use the 11/4 Class Papers by RAW – a leading name in cannabis rolling papers. They offer high quality and create eco-friendly rolling papers while keeping your smoking experience pure.

What Is The Best Cannabis Grinder?

Avid users of cannabis aren’t willing to compromise on grinders since they can truly impact the hit and overall experience of smoking. You can grind the strains manually, but it only leads to the loss of flavor, or leave large chunks of the strain behind, hindering the smoking experience. A grinder, on the other hand, will ensure that your strain’s characteristics are fully utilized, keeping the trichomes intact and avoiding potential spilling. In other words, your cannabis roll will taste better and last longer.

What Pipe Cleaner Should I Use?

A lot of cannabis users prefer using a bong or pipe to enjoy their cannabis. If you’re one of them, you need to make sure that your pipe is cleaned after your previous session. Contaminants can build up inside a pipe or bong if left uncleaned, which can hinder a good experience when you use it the next time. Fortunately, there are several pipe and bong cleaners available on the market which you can use to clean your equipment before the next session. Read our ultimate guide to dabbing for more information on cleaning your equipment.

What is a Rolling Tray?

The name makes its utility evident – you need this tray to roll your cannabis properly. A flat rolling surface enables you to prevent spillage while packing your joint inside the paper. There are various sizes available in rolling trays, so you can get the one that meets your needs the best. An ideal solution would be the Glass/Silicone Rolling Tray by Eyce. It is a 2-in-1 glass and silicone tray that offers a sturdy base for easier rolling.

Do I Need a Cannabis Roller?

While professionals are able to roll a joint to perfection, amateurs may not be able to do so very well. If you want your roll to burn evenly, it is best to use a roller. It will do the difficult part for you, and ensure an evenly rolled bud, which translates into a better flow and longer-lasting joint.

Cannabis Pens

Best Cannabis Accessories for Her

Cannabis is an equal-opportunity hobby, and many women love cannabis for their own personal reasons. Cannabis accessories for her can be as unique as the lady in question. You can find glassware that is elegant, breathtakingly beautiful, or delightfully silly depending on your style. However, the most important features of cannabis accessories designed for women is lightweight and smaller products.

Grinders and vape pens, for example, are often large and bulky. Cannabis accessories “for her” can be found with a lighter style, using materials like anodized aluminum, and with slender styles that fit more easily into smaller hands.

Top Cannabis Accessories for Convenience

Some cannabis accessories are designed to be laid out on a tray and used carefully one at a time. But you might be looking for something more portable. Cannabis accessories for quick-smoking convenience and taking on-the-go can be found in any modern cannabis collection.

Disposable Vape Pens

The number one portable cannabis accessory is the disposable vape pen. This is a battery, tank, and mouthpiece all built as a single pocket-friendly device. Some have a button, some can recharge until you’re done with the oil, but they all have one great thing in common: You can buy a disposable vape pen, enjoy it on an adventure, and toss it without worries. It will work straight out of the package, provide an included portion of cannabis, and can be discarded when the adventure is through.

One-Hitter Pipes and Pocket Pipes

There are also dry leaf pipes that are more convenient than standard designs. one-hitters often include a cap, making it easy to pre-pack a single hit (or two) of cannabis and enjoy it later, when you reach the perfect spot. Pocket-friendly pipes hold a little more cannabis, but are often designed to protect a pre-loaded bowl so you can enjoy a few hits on the go.

Grinders with Reservoirs

Grinding cannabis is often one of the biggest slow-downs and risk of mess when you’re looking for convenience. This is why grinders with a reservoir chamber can allow you to quickly reload a bowl with minimal hassle or mess.

Joint Packs

Lastly, most (if not all) dispensaries sell packs of pre-rolled joints that you can carry with you on your travels or kick back to enjoy at home without any setup at all. A pre-rolled joint pack is perfect for parties, hikes, and no-effort toking of delicious fresh cannabis flavors.

Cannabis Grinder

Must-Have Cannabis Accessories for Enthusiasts

What else does a cannabis enthusiast need to have a good time? There are a number of both standard and luxury cannabis accessories that can enhance your smoke, vape, or dab experience when you have the perfect collection.


If you enjoy joints, an ashtray of the perfect size and style is a must-have. An ashtray can allow you to prop up your joint as it smolders, ash your joint after a hit, and put out your joint to enjoy the rest a little later.

Lighters and Torches

Pipes, bongs, and joints all require a lighter. To dab, you will want an even bigger lighter known as a torch. You might fancy a refined refillable lighter that is always the same or delight in collecting unique seasonal lighters that are eventually thrown away as they empty.

Silicone Concentrate Caps

If you dab cannabis concentrates, you absolutely must have silicone containers. These little cups or organizers are made from silicone, a non-stick material that allows you to harvest every last ball of dab without having to heat or scrape the bottom of the jar.


For leaf connoisseurs, there’s nothing quite like a high-quality, three-chamber grinder. The top chamber grinds, the middle chamber is a reservoir for ground-cannabis (great for adventures and parties). but the bottom chamber is where the magic happens. Separated by a fine screen, the bottom chamber of a 3-chamber grinder collects keif that shakes off the buds over time.

Rolling Machines

A rolling machine is used to simplify the creation of joints. Even if you’re a great roller, having a rolling machine can mean a perfect joint at exactly the right circumference and density every time. It can also facilitate friends to roll their first joint with little assistance.

Cannabis Tray

For people who enjoy their cannabis ritual and like to keep it tidy, a cannabis tray is one of the best cannabis accessories to add to your collection. There are so many tray styles that you should look for one that uniquely suits your personality.

Sealed Bud Jars

If you like to keep a few different strains on -tap, or to stock up your supply, look for high-quality bud jars. You want heavy jars with sealing lids to lock-in the moisture for delicious long-term storage.

Smell-Proof Bag

Lastly, having a cannabis smell-proof bag is a great way to take your cannabis on the go without alerting anyone who might be bothered by the pungent and unmistakable aromas. There are many smell-proof bags with organizer compartments designed to help keep all your cannabis accessories neatly stowed in your home or ready for adventure.

Other Cannabis Accessories Worth Trying

While smoking and vaping cannabis occupy the bulk of cannabis accessories, there are also a few wonderful alternatives to explore.

Cannabis-Infused Edibles Accessories

Edibles are cannabis-infused foods, beverages, ad candies. You can make them yourself with the right cooking supplies and cannabis edibles accessories. Silicone molds and cheesecloth are among the unique items your kitchen may not already include. But you can even get a dedicated cannabis infusion device to save yourself the trouble of assembling a double-boiler to make your own canna-butter.

CBD-Infused Beauty Products

CBD beauty products are cosmetics like lotion, facial serums, and bath oils that have been infused with CBD oil. CBD is the therapeutic element of natural cannabis which helps to reduce inflammation and balance your body’s natural systems. You might explore homemade cosmetic supplies or delight in CBD bath bombs and spa products.

Discover Your Favorite Cannabis Accessories with Medizin

If you are looking for the best cannabis accessories to enhance your smoking or vaping experience, Medizin is here to help. Explore our inventory or talk to our knowledgeable budtenders to get a sense of the cannabis accessories that you would most enjoy. Remember to use cannabis responsibly, especially heating elements like lighters and torches, as you try different accessories to enhance your cannabis experience.

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