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Cannabis consumption has been on the rise nationwide for the past few years. The 2020 lockdown further fueled the increase in the use of cannabis as many people consumed it to get rid of stress. Thanks to this upward trend, cannabis can be consumed in several different ways, including smoking, vaping, consuming orally, or dabbing. In this article, we will shed light on dabs, dabbing, and everything you need to know about it. 

This article will answer the following questions:

  • What is a dab?
  • What is dabbing?
  • What are some common terms associated with dabs and dabbing?
  • How do you dab?
  • What are the benefits of dabbing?

What Are Dabs?

A dab is a concentrate mainly composed of Butane Hash Oil (BHO). It is usually sticky, but the consistency can vary among products. BHO or dabs are also commonly referred to as “Earwax”, “710”, “Honeycomb”, “Shatter”, “Budder”, or “Wax”, among others.

However, when we refer to dabs, there are two main types that we point to shatters which are solid, and waxes which are gooey.

A dab is an extremely potent cannabis extract due to the high amounts of THC (usually over 50%), which is why the high tends to last a lot longer than alternative forms of cannabis consumption. The psychoactive effects of THC can be felt with the consumption of a very small amount of this extract.

What Is Dabbing?

Dabbing is a process through which many users consume cannabis today. It can be smoked using a glass bong or vaped through a vaporizer. Users also tend to use dabs in edibles so they can be ingested despite being highly concentrated. Dabs are usually used with dab rigs to make the most out of the plants’ potency.

Due to the high amount of THC present in dabs, the portions used while dabbing are kept extremely small to make sure the consumer maintains control over their high. 

Common Terms Associated with Dabs

Medizin Guide to Dabs

There are so many different cannabis products and strains, making it understandable why some new users might get confused with different key terms. The same is the case with dabs – a lot of other terms are used when talking about dabs. For better comprehension of these terms, we have listed some of the most commonly used words and their meanings.

A few of these (BHO, dabbing, and concentrates) have already found their way into this article, but below we have broken down a list of additional terms for newer users to familiarize themselves with:


Since dabs are concentrated extracts, there is often a mention of other extracts during comparison. Crumble is one type of these extracts. It refers to concentrates that are crumbly in nature.

Dab Rig

This is probably among the most common names used while writing about dabs and dabbing. A dab rig is a piece of equipment used to inhale dabs. It consists of a water pipe connected to a nail and is used to vaporize concentrates for inhaling.


This is another perplexing word associated with dabs. It refers to an extract that concentrates different compounds of cannabis through the application of heat and pressure.


It is extremely important to clean your consumption equipment between uses. Purge is a process that ensures the removal of such solvents and is done during extraction.

Pull and Snap

As the word itself explains, pull-and-snap extracts are those that snap when pulled or slightly bent.

Term Takeaway

These are just a few terms associated with dabs. There are plenty more that are generally linked to cannabis extraction and consumption. Budtenders at the leading Las Vegas Dispensary – Medizin – are trained to guide customers on what each of these terms means to help them understand how their favorite products are extracted and processed.

How To Dab Properly?

Dabbing requires several prerequisites to be taken care of. Here are a few things that are essential for dabbing.

Dab rig: As mentioned above, this is the water pipe used for inhaling.

Nail: This connects to the dab rig. Your dab (extract) goes into the nail where it is heated.

Dabber: Dabber is used to apply your dab extract onto the nail.

Torch: You need this to heat the nail, which will turn your dab into smoke for inhaling.

Now that you have your equipment in place, it is time to start the process.

Different dabs tend to have different potencies. When you buy your dab from a Vegas dispensary, make sure you ask them about its THC levels. The higher they are, the smaller your pinch of extract will be, and vice versa.

The Dabbing Process

Start off by using the torch to heat the nail of your dab rig. Once it turns red, let it settle for about a minute before placing a pinch of your dab into the nail using the dabber.

Place the carb cap onto the dab to ensure a smooth flow.

Enjoy your dabbing experience!

Benefits Of Dabbing

Multiple studies have already concluded that cannabis may be beneficial for users in a variety of ways. The following are a few particular ones you get from dabbing.

  • Inhaling a highly concentrated dab enables you to avoid unwanted chemicals from the cannabis plant.  
  • Dabbing is one of the fastest ways to send a dose of cannabinoids in your body, which makes it perfect for stress reduction and relief from acute pain.
  • You get to enjoy a highly potent and pure form of cannabis.

You can visit the best Las Vegas dispensary online – Medizin – to buy the best dab waxes and shatters.

While using dabs, bear in mind that they are highly concentrated forms of the cannabis plant, which means that you need to look after your portions. Dabbing too much at once may lead to dire circumstances, which is why our experts suggest starting small with a pinch of your dab and then increase your dose gradually.

Cannabis Dispensary Near Me

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