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For cannasaurs, finding quality products time after time is a priority. At Medizin, our highly advanced production equipment allows us to masterfully craft a consistent quality of cannabis concentrates. While the potency and purity of each product will vary according to the method of processing, Medizin can ensure each product will be of the highest quality every single time. After all, Medizin’s philosophy is simple: provide only world-class cannabis products to our customers.

Concentrates are one of the most misunderstood cannabis products. From news outlets to people both within and outside of the cannabis market, the mistaken identity of placing concentrates in the same hard drug categories of illegal substances such as cocaine has made it where concentrates are thought of in a negative light. But this is the farthest thing from the truth.

Cannabis concentrates are, simply put, concentrated products that deliver a stronger high that long term cannabis users can enjoy as their tolerance rises. Many of the types of cannabis concentrates on the market you may already know, but just by different names, such as live resin badder, shatter, live resin sauce, wax dabs, and many others. These are just a few of the concentrates that Medizin produces as well.

  • Live Resin Badder
  • Live Resin Sauce
  • Shatter
  • and More!

Types of Concentrates

Live resin uses a standard hydrocarbon extraction with freshly harvested, flash frozen cannabis material to achieve extraction. In the badder form, this live resin concentrate can look thick yet runny like cake batter and vary in color from pale yellow to golden yellow.

Live resin sauce on the other hand, can present in a deep gradient of colors, though the color is usually somewhere on the warmer side of the spectrum. Users should expect to see live resin ranging from a buttery gold to a deep amber yellow. With the higher terpene concentration, they are more of a syrup consistency. Live resin sauce is mainly used for forming cannabis diamonds or can be the oil in vape pens as we have discussed further in this article about vape pen cartridges.

Shatter is a solid concentrate made of mainly Butane Hash Oil (BHO) while cannabis wax dabs are a gooey version of BHO concentrates. More information about cannabis wax dabs can be found in this article. Many dab users like that the psychoactive effects of THC can be felt with the consumption of a very small amount of this extract. For more information on dabs and how to take them, check out this article on dabbing.

Concentrate vs Extract

For those who might be asking, well isn’t a concentrate just an extract? Yes and no. Extracts are considered concentrates, but not all concentrates are considered extracts. By definition, an extract must use a solvent for the liquid solvent extraction. Concentrates, however, can be created both with or without a solvent, which is why extracts are always considered concentrates while not every concentrate is considered an extract.

While each type of concentrate is made in slightly different methods, the overall process is usually done by extracting the resin from the plant matter, which leaves behind a “concentrated mass” of cannabinoids and terpenes. Various products utilize different processes, including but not limited to diluting agents or solvents such as butane or propane, but these agents must be completely purged from the concentrate before the concentrate is safe to consume. There are also concentrates that are made from solventless means as well. As users try different types of concentrates, they will be able to find ones that give the desired effects.


When consuming concentrates, there are proper techniques as well as guidelines that must be followed. Most people recognize the torches and hot nails used for dabbing. These tools are partially the reason that some misinformed individuals liken it to doing hard narcotics. Many see the tools used for taking a dab as the same ones used for narcotics such as heroin. Like stated previously, there is no truth to likening cannabis concentrates to hard narcotics. Especially since there are ways to partake in concentrates without a torch or nail.

Some concentrates are used in edibles and tinctures/sublinguals as well as they can be mixed in with flowers to heighten the euphoric experiences. The best advice though is that with concentrates, due to the higher concentration, those who are newer to them should always start with a smaller amount than they think. A little can go a long way, which is a cost benefit for those who are trying to save money. Plus it is always easier to take another microdose if the effects of the first microdose isn’t fully what the user was anticipating than taking too much.

How to Choose the Best Concentrate For Me?

It is always important to source cannabis products from producers within the regulated markets and by licensed producers and retailers due to the strict guidelines they must follow. Within the market, going for the best quality products is important as well, which is why picking up cannabis products from Medizin is for those who only want the best in life. Medizin ensures that all products are created to the highest standard for the premium quality expected from us.

If you’re a brand new cannabis user or early on your cannabis journey, come in to talk with an experienced budtender about the flavors you are searching for, what effects you’d like to feel, and what you’re hoping to achieve in your experience with Medizin. For those who have experience in the cannabis world or know the profile of your ideal product, coming in to chat with a budtender will help solidify your decisions and choose concentrates that are perfect for you.

Medizin budtenders have the knowledge to help those who want to find the right concentration for them. Also they are able to educate new, and even experienced, users on the products, consumption methods, and tools to ensure proper doses are taken. Medizin is an award-winning Vegas dispensary that offers a wide range of premium cannabis strains and products in-store and online. Place your order now for delivery or curbside pickup!

01. Flavor

Experience some of the best tasting cannabis varieties in the world. Whether you are a first-timer or cannabis connoisseur, Medizin offers international award-winning strains that will knock your socks off.

02. Potency

While the strength of each product may very, Medizin takes great care in ensuring one of our many varieties can be an ideal match for your tolerance. The perfect high is difficult to achieve, but we make it possible!

03. Consistency

Through our many forms and varieties, we aim to offer a wide selection of premium products time and time again. When purchasing our world-renown products, you can trust you will always receive a premium quality product.

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