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Cannabis has become quite popular in the U.S. over the past few years. While users consume it both medically and recreationally, they are also mesmerized by the aesthetic coloration of certain cannabis strains.

This article will highlight one particular cannabis strain color that tends to catch the eye—purple strains. We’ll discuss how they form and why only a few strains can produce this vibrant color.

Growing Cannabis

Cannabis usually turns purple when grown in open, outdoor areas. Cold weather is also often linked to the formation of this color in the plant. However, modern technology has enabled producers to grow purple cannabis in indoor, controlled environments.

Anthocyanins Are Responsible for Color Formation 

Anthocyanins are pigments classified as flavonoids that are responsible for color formation. These pigments form blue, black, and red colors. Anthocyanins are formed within the plant late in the flowering period when photosynthesis stops and the plant ceases its chlorophyll production. The plant then uses all its energy (saved from chlorophyll production) into the development of flowers and bearing fruits.

As chlorophyll reduces, anthocyanins begin to grow, thus forming the color of the cannabis plant in the latter stages of the plant cycle.

The Purple Color

medizin why sone cannabis strains turn purple

Anthocyanins can lead to multiple color formations, as mentioned above. A cannabis plant’s color depends on its genetics, temperature where it is grown, and pH levels, among a few other factors.

The cannabis plant may express its colors sooner in colder environments when longer nights lead to chlorophyll breakdown.

The end-stage color of your cannabis plant is not an outcome entirely in your hands. However, budtenders often benefit from the genetics of the plant, growing strains that have the purple color in their genes. The environment you set for the growth of your cannabis plant will also play a factor in ensuring the beautiful purple. For example, strains like Blackberry Kush, Purple Kush, and Granddaddy Purple are a few cannabis strains with the color purple embedded in their genetics.

Furthermore, there is no guarantee that your cannabis plant will take color despite the conditions you set for it. Excessive efforts to attain your desired color may harm the plant. The best way for cultivators to achieve the desired color in a cannabis plant is to grow it in an environment-controlled grow facility and choose to cultivate a strain that has purple in its genetics.

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Does It Affect the Flavor and Potency?

There is no doubt that a colorful cannabis plant looks beautiful, but the appearance has nothing to do with the potency or taste of your strain. Purple strains might be more eye-catching, but they are not necessarily more potent than their green relatives. A purple-blossomed plant exposed to cold temperatures may actually produce less THC, so it’s important to keep in mind that many traits in a purple strain prove to be desirable only in certain varieties under certain conditions.

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