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Cannabis has been steadily gaining popularity and a new level of acceptance in public perception for some time. With this rise in awareness and various forms of legalization across the U.S. comes the expectation that many new consumers will most likely be trying a regulated and highly cultivated version of the plant for the first time in their lifetime relatively soon.  Thus, it’s crucial that new consumers know the basics and not just enter the industry blindly. 

Many varieties of cannabis have already been discovered, and cultivators are still in the process of breeding cannabis plants with new characteristics every day to formulate more exquisite types of highly-specified strains. Each cannabis strain has an entirely different concentration of CBD and THC as well as a unique terpene profile that differentiates each strain’s effects. This allows the customer to be able to search for an almost customizable experience depending on the strain their chosen product is created from. Growers tend to cultivate cannabis to attain a particular taste, shape, size, and effect. 

However, current reports suggest that the impacts and effects of various cannabis strains are most often being derived from the public’s experiences. Although researchers are trying their best to study the implications of different cannabis strains in regards to a range of medical conditions, this is somewhat inhibited as neither medical or recreational marijuana have been legalized yet in the U.S. Luckily, wide varieties of cannabis strains can be categorized under their main umbrellas; indica, sativa, and hybrid strains. Having a sound knowledge about these three strain types could save you from some confusion if you are new to the cannabis world.

Whether you’re a newbie or an experienced cannabis connoisseur with knowledge about the primary strains, this guide may help you answer any questions you may have about the three main types of cannabis strains.

Indicas, Sativas, and Hybrids – The Primary Cannabis Strains

Below we discuss the primary cannabis strain types and provide knowledge every cannabis consumer should know!

Indica – The Effects & Popular Strains

Indicas are famous for their calming and relaxing impacts. Some consumers also associate them with help in easing stress, alleviating nerves, encouraging relaxation, and curbing insomnia. Indica strains are commonly known as “the nighttime strains” due to their calming impacts and an Indica strain’s components are typically known to encourage the body to de-stress from the day and make your nights peaceful and calm.

There are many Indica strains that are originally from different parts of the globe but have made it to the U.S. and most of them are all available at your favorite Las Vegas dispensary, Medizin. Check out the most popular indica products we offer at Medizin.

Sativa – The Effects & Popular Strains

Sativas are known for their heady and cerebral impacts on consumers. Not all, but most of them have the capability to encourage an uplifting mood with stimulating effects. Many consumers happen to consume sativa strains for a focused and sharpened boost, so it’s commonly used in the daytime. They may help you feel productive, focused, and creative while enhancing your mood or mindset during the day.

There is a large variety of sativa strains and we have many of them stocked for your convenience because at Medizin we strive to be the best Las Vegas dispensary. Check out some of the most popular sativa products at Medizin and find your new favorite!

Hybrid – The Effects & The Popular Strains

A combination of indica and sativa strains, hybrid strains are famous for their dual effects and various strain combinations. Because of the expanded legalization of cannabis across the nation, cross-breeding strains has moved from an underground practice to a common one with many consumers suggesting their own mash-ups to their favorite cannabis brand! Some brands will even collaborate on products today making for highly anticipated and sometimes exclusive product launches. 

Due to hybrid strain’s combined genetics, they are likely to have combined impacts as well. From relaxing and calming effects to uplifting and euphoric effects, hybrid strains may cause any of the usual effects based on the parent strains they’ve been made with and the resulting percentages of THC and CBD in each individual plant.

A hybrid strain with an indica-dominant parent is likely to create a relaxing impact, while one with a sativa-dominant parent could have uplifting and cheering effects.

There are many hybrid strains available and we have some of the best in stock at Medizin, the best las vegas dispensary. Check out the most popular hybrid products at Medizin below: 

Are you armed with enough knowledge and ready to try an indica, sativa, or hybrid strain yourself? Visit us in-store at Las Vegas’ best local dispensary or order online for easy curbside pickup and superb delivery services right to your door! 

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