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With the increased legalization of cannabis across the United States, edible products infused with cannabis are becoming more and more commonplace. Apart from existing enthusiasts, many newcomers are likely to try cannabis for the first time, and they definitely need some guidelines.

Ask any cannabis consumer about the one thing they dread, and they’ll tell you it’s the time they realize they may have slightly overconsumed. Though cannabis may offer joy most times, overconsuming it could lead to anxiety and sometimes paranoia. 

Even if you have taken properly dosed proportions of it, cannabis products may affect you more strongly due to different make-ups of different strains and products. When trying cannabis concentrates for the first time, overindulging in an edible for a stronger impact, or breathing in the vapor from a vape or smoke from a flower too deeply might lead you to get too high. It is a common experience but has to be treated accordingly to avoid anxiety and paranoia.

How Long Does It Usually Take to Get Sober After Cannabis Consumption?

The amount of time it takes to become sober after cannabis consumption depends on multiple factors. It could be the method of consumption, the dosage, or the unique absorption characteristics of the individual consumer. In a typical setting, the more potent the product,  the longer the consumer would remain affected. Concentrates are the most powerful form of cannabis, followed by the flower and edibles after that, as we know edibles can be very potent depending on the strain’s THC percentage. 

This means that sobering up from a cannabis dab could take longer than doing so from an edible cannabis product or flower. However, individual properties of the consumer and the dosage remain active in deciding the overall impact. An integral factor to note here is that a regular consumer with higher cannabis resistance is likely to sober up faster compared to an occasional consumer who has smoked only a few pre-rolls and does not use cannabis products every day.

Researchers suggest that an average effect from cannabis could last up to two hours at most, with some lightened effects lasting for an extended period of time. However, some specified experiences have been accounted to last for a much longer period of time. The good news is that we have enough ways to sober up when feeling too high and prevent ourselves from feeling any anxiety or an uncomfortable experience.

Tips To Sober Up Your High Quickly

To help you sober up when feeling too high, we’ve put together all the tips in this blog post.

First Things First, Don’t Panic

Most of the time, the effect you feel instantly after consuming cannabis has nothing to do with how you may feel over the course of your experience. The maximum effect you would feel is grogginess for a few minutes to hours, no longer than that. So, the best tip here is not to panic and relax and remember that these feelings will eventually pass.

Also, remember there have been zero fatal overdoses reported due to cannabis overconsumption. You’re completely safe and secure. Even if you’ve accidentally overconsumed, the effect is temporary, and you’ll be fine in no time – the key here is not to panic!

Drink Water & Munch Some Snacks

The moment you find yourself to be more affected than usual, begin hydrating yourself. Drink water, a lot of water, and keep yourself hydrated. Be it plain water, juice, or anything cold and comforting (unless it’s caffeinated). This would help deal with overconsumption effects a lot better because water prevents your mouth from drying – a common symptom of cannabis overdose.

In addition to hydrating yourself, munch on some light snacks. This will keep you focused on sipping and swallowing – a common tactic for deviating your focus from the effects. The less you’ll focus on the effects, the easier you’d be able to deal with them until they are gone.

Immerse Yourself into A Cold or Hot Bath

Though it won’t always be a handy tip for you if you get too high outside or at a friend’s place, immersing yourself in a hot or cold bath could have a calming effect when you feel the effects. If you’re at home or nearby, take a comforting bath, it could help you with sobering up and avoid any anxiety and paranoia!

Distract Yourself, Go for A Walk

The uneasiness you feel when too high is understandable. The key tip here is to distract yourself by changing the scenery. Get out of your bed and go for a walk in an open environment! While the fresh air may make you feel better, the change in scenery may also help ease your mind as well.

Believe it or not, the best way to deal with these effects is to try to forget about the effects. The quicker you wave off the thoughts, the better you’ll be able to feel.

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