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If you’ve ever been hungover from alcohol, you know the symptoms. Waking up with a pounding head, dry mouth, and shivering legs are some for starters. But what if you wake up with similar symptoms despite not consuming any alcohol, but you think the symptoms were caused by cannabis? Could it really be a cannabis hangover?

Well, there are multiple conflicting beliefs regarding whether cannabis can give you a hangover or not. Several studies have been conducted with the objective of determining if a cannabis hangover actually exists. However, most of these studies have been based upon smaller sample sizes, focused on particular groups of people.

One such study carried out back in 1985 found that participants did experience a mild cannabis hangover, while a 1990 study of similar nature found that cannabis consumption has no role in causing hangovers. This was due to the fact that a traditional hangover is driven by alcohol or related sedatives, so it is not accurate to say that a cannabis “hangover” is the same as a traditional alcohol-induced one. 

The answer has yet to be determined! 

However, an increased focus on cannabis legalization is changing the culture and there is newfound curiosity surrounding cannabis research – providing researchers with opportunities to conduct large-scale experiments, study the deeper effects of cannabis, and come up with more evidence to support or debunk these theories. 

Though the studies conducted so far on this topic are contradictory, there’s anecdotal evidence that highlights that a traditional “hangover” would not be caused by using cannabis.

“There are hardly any experiences shared by cannabis users to suggest that there are hangovers post-cannabis consumption”, says Dr. Tory Spindle, a cannabis researcher at the John Hopkins University. “As a matter of fact, most people consume cannabis instead of alcohol to prevent a hangover or to control hangovers from the previous night’s alcohol use in the first place”, she further adds. 

Though the amount of people who report slight cognitive impairment the day after consuming cannabis is fairly low, there may be causes behind that feeling. A prominent reason among them could be the dosage – the amount of cannabis taken and the method by which it was consumed. Additionally, similar cannabis doses may cause different effects between different individuals, based on their unique endocannabinoid system and reactions to the product. This could be another reason why some people feel cognitive impairment or a version of a “ hangover” post-cannabis consumption. 

Cannabis with higher levels of THC, are highly potent and possess lasting effects, like edibles, could be the cause of some effects that constitute a cannabis “hangover”. This is because edibles – be it a cannabis-infused brownie, gummies, or a homemade cannabis desert – take a little longer to kick in as well as a longer time to leave your body. 

How Can You Prevent a Cannabis Hangover?

Whether you believe that a cannabis “hangover” exists or not, you may tend to feel some mild side effects, like lethargy, dry mouth or eyes after using the cannabis plant, especially in large quantities. Here’s how you can prevent those effects from happening! 

Less Is More: The smaller your cannabis dose, the better effects it can have. One significant reason why some people tend to feel a hangover after using cannabis is taking too much for their tolerance. The golden rule is finding your optimal dose by testing what works for you with smaller quantities first, building up with a higher dose, and then sticking to it!

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Know Your Intended Experience: Consuming a very potent strain that may be known to provide intense relaxation on a night before an important meeting may not work best for you if you don’t know the optimal amount for your body! If you use too much of a deeply relaxing strain, what was meant to provide a soothing sleep may impair your ability to feel focused and alert the next morning. If you want to prevent a cannabis “hangover” from happening, always know your dose and what experience you are after before consumption, ask a budtender, read reviews or check the label for help finding information on terpenes, THC-level and know how it may affect you. 

Wait Until The Strain Kicks In: Human beings are impatient specifically when it comes to feeling something incredible. Most people are likely to over-consume because they think that they will feel the effects instantly. However, that isn’t the way the process works. Some strains take time to kick in and so, you should wait the recommended amount of time until they do! Over-consumption is one of the main reasons thought to be behind cannabis hangovers and controlling how long you wait to feel the possible effects is the best method of preventing over-consuming. 

What If you’ve got a Cannabis Hangover?

If you woke up today feeling groggy and tired because of cannabis over-consumption use the tips and methods outlined above to help find your optimal dose next time. Here’s a list of some tips to treat your cannabis hangover!

  • Take a short walk in the fresh air and try deep breathing. This may help ease grogginess and help you feel more alert. 
  • Woke up with a dry mouth? Drink water to stay hydrated before and after using cannabis products!
  • Try soaking in a bath with warm water or use a CBD-bath bomb. CBD may help counteract the effects of products with high THC. 

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