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From the reported soothing and pain-relieving possible impacts of cannabis to its possible ability to reduce anxiety and stress, cannabis is loved by the cannabis community for many reasons.

However, one thing that’s become clearer from the expanding research being conducted on the cannabis plant, is the fact that less is more with cannabis. Multiple studies have shown there may be evidence that suggests small cannabis doses could be more impactful and effective when compared to larger doses.

How can you find out your optimal cannabis dosage?

Well, we can help you with that by guiding you on how to develop a plan. There’s a simple process to follow to find your optimal dosage, then you will always have an idea on the amount that works for you.

The Inconsistency Behind Different Users’ Optimal Cannabis Dosage

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Experienced cannabis users know not everyone reacts the same after consuming a similar cannabis dosage. A cannabis dosage, such as a 10 mg square of cannabis-infused edible – might have variable impacts on two different individuals.

To some extent, this observation hardly comes as a surprise. After all, each human being is unique, and cannabis itself is a startling compound comprising an estimated hundred or more cannabinoids—with CBD and THC as the most active ingredients—that too in combination with over two hundred different terpenes at the same time.

Furthermore, researchers studying the impacts of cannabis on the human body have found another effect and they call it the biphasic effect. The biphasic effect is a scientific term, meaning that below a particular level of cannabis dosage, most of us can experience health benefits, however above that level, the same cannabis could end up causing negative impacts such as paranoia and dizziness.

The outcomes from most researchers have so far concluded that less is more when it comes to cannabis. Only an estimated 10% of human beings might require a higher cannabis dosage to experience the impacts of soothing and comfort.

The Optimal Cannabis Dosage – How to Know Your Perfect Proportion?

Considering each person is different, “the less the dosage the better the effects”, needs more research. However, to determine your perfect proportion, incorporating titration could help. Titration is simply an experiment of trying multiple doses—from low to high—until you receive your desired outcome. With cannabis, you can begin taking minimal doses (increasing from low towards full 10mg doses, slowly) while monitoring the impacts closely.

Here are some steps to follow on how to do that!

Maintain a Journal 

  • Keep a journal aimed at finding your optimal cannabis dosage.
  • Each time you intake cannabis, make sure to note it down in the journal (everything from the time of intake, the dosage, the impacts you feel, the way your body reacts, and the timeframe for which you feel like under effect if there’s any side effect you feel).

Begin with Smaller Dosage

  • Begin with the smallest possible proportion of cannabis (either edibles infused with cannabis, flowers, oil, or concentrates).
  • Increase the dose very slowly over the course of a week until you begin getting the desired effects and least possible unwanted effects.

Stick To Your Optimal Dosage

  • Once you reach the level where you have achieved the desired effect or experience without any prominent side effects such as paranoia or dizziness—stick to the dosage.
  • That’s your optimal cannabis dosage unless your body goes through any further changes and your desired effects remain the same.

Now that you know how to find your optimal cannabis dosage, you must be wondering where to get your favorite cannabis products near you.

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