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There are many types of Indica strains that are amazing but tend to be overlooked. Indicas are often associated with just making you tired and couch-locked, but that’s far from the truth. The best Indica strains can leave you feeling happy and relaxed. They can also help tackle medical conditions like fibromyalgia and multiple sclerosis. 

It depends on your medicinal needs, your ‘appetite’ or just what you’re looking for in a high, and finding the right types of indica that suit you. Here are our 5 favorite and underrated Indica strains that you should try to get some variety:


1. Granddaddy Purple 

Introduced in 2013, Granddaddy Purple is a cross of Bid Bud and Purple Urkle. It goes by many names such as “Grand Daddy Purp”, “GDP”, and “Granddaddy Purple Kush”, among others. It is an Indica-dominant strain having 70% Indica strain. 

GDP is not a strain that you can take lightly as it has a THC level between 17% and 27% and a CBD level of 7%. You can expect a deep berry and grape aroma. It deeply affects the mind and body, inducing a relaxing and euphoric state. Granddaddy Purple helps combat insomnia, loss of appetite, and stress for medical users.


2. Girl Scout Cookies 

Girl Scout Cookies is one of the best high Indica strains in terms of flavor and potency, boasting a THC level of 28%. It has scored the top prize in various Cannabis Cup Awards for its potency, cementing its position as one of the strongest Indicas on the market. 

Girl Scout Cookies are identified by their earthy and sweet aroma and taste of lemon and sweet cherry. It is known to alleviate nausea, severe pain and appetite loss, so it’s sure to start the munchies!


Indica leaf and sativa leaf

3. G-13 

G-13, also called Government Indica Strain 13, is the only strain thought to be bred by the US Government. While it’s been around since the 70s or 80s, this reasoning behind its breeding by the FBI and CIA remained shrouded in mystery. 

G-13 has a THC level of around 23% (but can go up to 24), induces focus, creativity, and euphoria in many users. It is known to contribute to treating seizures, appetite loss and nausea. This federal flower also has a strong aroma of oranges but tastes a lot more piney and herby.


4. Forbidden Fruit 

Forbidden Fruit is a cross of Tangie and Cherry Pie, having a very sweet and tangy taste. It gives off a guava-like aroma. It is one of the most gorgeous cannabis flowers having a dense bud structure with dark green foliage and deep purple hues. Forbidden Fruit tastes as beautiful as it looks, and the effects can hit the mind and body hard and leave you feeling deeply relaxed. This is an Indica that can help you fight minor signs of stress and physical discomfort.


5. Blueberry 

Last but by no means least, Blueberry is an indica strain that is a cross of Thai and Purple Thai. It enjoys an A-list position among cannabis strains after getting the High Times’ Cannabis Cup 2000 for the Best Indica strain. 

Blueberry has been around since the late 1970s. It has a sweet flavor and aroma like blueberries and a THC level of 17%. Blueberry causes a relaxing euphoric state and has been known to fight stress and pain in medical users.


Where to get these strains?

These are some of the best types of Indica strains you must try. If you’re curious about trying them for yourself you can buy Indica strains on Medizin’s menu and find out for yourself how relaxing they can really be. Delivery and curbside pickup are available between 8am and 12am.

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