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Rare And Unique Varieties

Flower (Bud)

Growing international award-winning cannabis is an art form, and we treat it as such. All Medizin plant genetics are hand-selected from some of the most unique varieties available in the world. Careful attention is constant throughout the cultivation process to ensure that all Medizin products are best in class when it comes to optimal flavor and potency.

All of our cannabis flowers are grown using cutting-edge, full-spectrum lighting technology. Advanced techniques produce exceptional gene expression, ensuring that all of our products are of optimal flavor and potency. Our pillow packaging preserves the quality, structure and freshness of the flower. This prevents any contamination such as dust, bacteria and other elements that may compromise your experience.


01. Flavor

Experience some of the best tasting cannabis varieties in the world. Whether you are a first-timer or cannabis connoisseur, Medizin offers international award-winning strains that will knock your socks off.

02. Potency

While the strength of each product may vary, Medizin takes great care in ensuring one of our many varieties can be an ideal match for your tolerance. The perfect high is difficult to achieve, but we make it possible!

03. Structure

Medizin’s gorgeous bud structure is not just for the cannabis connoisseur. We have been told to warn our customers– you may fall in love at first sight.

Indica Sativa and Hybrid Strain Leaf

Cannabis Strain Types

There are three main types of cannabis strains: indica, sativa, and hybrid. Each strain type is known to have different effects and properties. Knowing which strain type you want will elevate your cannabis experience.

Much like how wine is affected by weather, type of grape, and soil, Cannabis plants have varying factors as well. This can be from where it was grown, the type of parent plant it is, or many other factors. This produces different effects, specific tastes, and unique smells depending on a multitude of factors that change from strain to strain, and flower to flower.

Typically, certain strain types are known to produce specific effects. For most people, indica strains are known to have relaxing effects and sativa strains are known to help with productivity.

However, everyone’s experience with cannabis can be different. Trying different strains and noting how your body interacts with each strain may be helpful in shopping for the perfect strain you are looking for.

Though individuals may experience different effects from the same cannabis strain, it is useful to understand the difference between indica, sativa, and hybrid strains as a starting guide. Below is some information on the difference of each strain type.

Indica Strain Leaf

Indica Strains

Indica strains come from plants that are native to India, Pakistan, Turkey, and Afghanistan. Indica plants often come from dry and harsh climates and have adapted to turbulent climates of Hindu Kush mountains.

Indica plants are known to have short and bushy leaves that are wide and grow much faster than other strain types. Each indica plant produces more buds than sativa plants and often have higher CBD levels. 

Those who seek indica strains are often looking to relax, known as a “body high”. Many describe indica strains as providing a more physical effect and say it may help reduce pain and nausea. 

Indica strains are also known to help increase appetite and may help with disordered eating. Due to the relaxing and sedative effects, indica strains are usually a better fit for consumption during nighttime hours.

There are many popular indica strains including Medizin’s Irene, known for having very sedative effects, Purple Punch, Northern Lights, and Granddaddy Purple.

Sativa Strains

Sativa plants mostly come from hot, sunny, and dry climates such as Africa, Southeast Asia, areas of Western Asia, and Central America. 

Sativa plants are known to grow taller than 12 feet and have thin, tall leaves compared to indica plants. They take longer to grow than other cannabis plants.

Sativa strains have higher levels of THC and produce lower levels of CBD. 

Those who are a fan of a “mind high”, looking for an energizing and creative effect, often prefer sativa strains. Some describe sativa strains as producing a cerebral effect, which elevates moods and emotions. 

It is known to help with reducing anxiety and help create a feeling of productivity, rather than helping to relax. Due to its energizing effects, sativa strains can be used during the day.

Medizin’s award-winning strain Chloe is a sativa strain. Other popular sativa strains include Hawaiian Butterscotch, Sour Diesel, Jack Herer, and Strawberry Cough.

Sativa Strain Leaf
Hybrid Strain Leaf

Hybrid Strains

Hybrid strains are created from a combination of indica and sativa strains and are usually grown in greenhouses or farms. Depending on the combination of parent plants, the appearance of hybrid plants and leaves vary. 

Most hybrid strains are produced to create a higher level of THC but each hybrid strain has different ratios of CBD and THC. Unique effects and qualities are brought out intentionally by farmers, creating a variety of benefits and uses for hybrid strains.

Hybrids can be indica-dominant, sativa-dominant, or a balance of the two. Hybrid strains are known to embody the “best of both worlds” and have effects that can be balanced.

Please ask our Medizin budtenders for specific effects on different hybrid strains such as help reducing anxiety and help easing pain.

Well-known hybrid strains include Wedding Cake, Oreoz, White Truffle and Animal Cookies.

View our long list of international award-winning strains.

The Bottom Line

Due to selective cross-breeding, not many strains consist of purely sativa or indica attributes, but rather fall on a spectrum. Strains listed as “sativa” will not always produce the same energizing effects and not all “indica” strains will produce a relaxing effect.

Though strain types may generally help with selecting the right cannabis effect, there are other properties that can change the way your body interacts with THC or CBD. Different ways of consumption, such as dabbing, tinctures, or vaping, can produce different “highs”. Terpenes, which are aromatic oils found in cannabis plants, play a crucial role in differentiating effects.

If you are a novice cannabis user and would like to know which strain type is right for you, please come by Medizin Las Vegas to speak to one of our highly-trained Medizin staff. Our budtenders can help select any indica, sativa, or hybrid strain that can produce an effect you are looking for.

Whether it is cannabis flower or premium pre-rolls, Medizin Las Vegas is the best local dispensary in Las Vegas with a wide variety of marijuana strain types.

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