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Best Cannabis Strains for Insomnia

The best way to find a cannabis strain at a Las Vegas dispensary that’ll ease your insomnia is to figure out why you’re having such a hard time falling asleep in the first place. For some people it’s due to certain biological factors, for others it’s due to stress, unhealthy sleeping habits, psychological conditions, reflux issues, anxiety, chronic pain, depression, and even hypertension.

While certain cannabis strains target insomnia that’s caused by stress, anxiety or depression, other strains work better at alleviating chronic pain induced insomnia. The THC chemical in cannabis has a notable sedative effect which is more present in indica variety strains, while cannabis strains with a higher ratio of CBD are recommended for insomnia that’s associated with anxiety or depression. That’s because the CBD has a beneficial balancing effect on the psychoactive elements of THC. However, the only cannabinoid known to have a sedative effect that’s 5 times more effective than THC is CBN.

Cannabis and Insomnia

Recent statistics show that insomnia currently affects one in three people, while 95% of sufferers use some type of medication to relieve the effects of the condition. But no matter how helpful they are, some of these medications do become addictive over time for many. Extensive studies have shown that cannabis is a viable and very effective natural alternative treatment for insomnia, as it not only makes it easier to fall asleep faster, but it can also increase the length and quality of sleep as well.

Here’s a list of the best cannabis strains for insomnia relief:

  • White Widow

This nicely balanced strain has more of a cerebral effect, which makes it ideal for relieving insomnia that’s induced by depression or chronic pain. The TCH content in this strain is quite high at 20%, while the CBD rate is only 2%, which explains the deeply relaxed state that it induces when you take it.  

  • Cookie Jar

This strain is a hybrid combination of White Fire Alien OG and Platinum Girl Scout Cookies. It’s mostly known for its ability to completely relax the body, in addition to relieving headaches and anxiety. So if you’re dealing with insomnia that’s caused by any of these conditions, then this strain is the one for you.  

  • Harlequin

This hybrid strain is 75% sativa with a CBD to THC ratio of 5:2, which means that it’s great for anxiety or depression induced insomnia because it’s not psychoactive. In fact, it’s so calming and relaxing that those who take it fall asleep soon after and usually stay asleep until the following morning with no problem at all.

  • Girl Scout Cookies

Girl Scout Cookies have a high THC content of 20%, while the CBD content is at only 2%, making it quite a potent strain with a strong sedative effect that makes you feel instantly relaxed and ready for sleep. However, it’s quite strong so you’ll have to ease yourself into it. This way you won’t have to bear the brunt of the powerful psychoactive effect that it has. Apart from that, it’s a really versatile strain that helps with depression and anxiety in addition to relieving insomnia.

  • Grape Ape

The Grape Ape strain is predominantly indica and it’s extremely relaxing with powerful sedative effects that work slowly and gradually to help you stay asleep for much longer. Although it takes time to kick in, Grape Ape is known to induce a really heavy high that just knocks you out, which is good news for anyone that has difficulty falling asleep due to anxiety.

  • Afghani CBD

Not only is this strain really high in CBD content with therapeutic and relaxing effects for insomniacs, but it’s also known for its efficacy in combating anxiety and chronic pain. You can also count on Afghani CBD to help you fight conditions like multiple sclerosis, Parkinson’s disease, and even muscle spasms.

  • Hawaiian Purple Kush

This cross between Purple Kush and Hawaiian is a predominantly indica hybrid strain that’s low in CBD and high in THC at 15%. It relaxes the muscles and the entire body while relieving pain as well, so it’s a very effective treatment for insomnia that’s caused by pain or stress.  

  • A-10

If you’re looking for something that’ll reduce your anxiety and chronic pain while numbing your migraine, look no further than this potent strain. A-10 contains equal parts of THC and CBD, which means that the CBD keeps the psycho-activity of the THC in check, so that you can enjoy the long and good quality sleep that it ushers you into.

  • Hindu Kush

Hindu Kush is known for its ability to relieve insomnia that’s associated with intense pain and severe headaches by deeply calming the body and mind. Others even use it to end their nausea and other stress-related disorders. With its 14% THC content, this indica will make falling asleep very easy.

  • Kryptonite

True to its name, the Kryptonite strain has a high THC content of 25% and it’s very effective at aiding sleep because it naturally reduces anxiety, pain, and stress. However, it is important to note that the effects of Kryptonite differ from one person to the other. While it’s very relaxing to some, others use it as a stimulant to get the creative juices flowing. By the way, this strain is a hybrid mix between Killer Queen and Mendocino Purps, both of which are very popular and highly potent strains.

We hope that our guide has been very useful in helping you find the right strain to suit your needs. As you can see, most of these strains are quite versatile and their effects will go beyond helping you to fall and stay asleep. They will also improve on aiding in protection from the negative effects of other conditions as well, like pain, stress, and depression.

Just be sure to find a legal and reliable supplier and you’ll be on your way to improving your quality of life through better sleep. Luckily, the Las Vegas marijuana industry has a lot of options with several suppliers located on the Las Vegas strip, including one Las Vegas dispensary we prefer, Planet 13.  

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