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Cannabis is a resourceful plant offering a variety of experiences with each different composition of the countless cannabinoids it is made up of. From the extensive variety of indica and sativa strains to each brand’s exclusive cultivation and production styles, cannabis could provide relief for the most problematic human conditions. Whether you’re suffering from a medical illness such as chronic pain, stress, and depression or you simply wish to calm your nerves at the end of a hectic day we’ve got the greatest variety of cannabis products available at your favorite local dispensary, Medizin!

We fully recognize all Nevada cannabis regulations and have all the best, premium cannabis products in stock. From a variety of strains and flower to high-tech vapes and cannabis infused-edibles, we’ve got everything to cover your needs.

Medizin isn’t the best las vegas dispensary just for providing this massive variety of cannabis products! What makes Medizin special is the fact that we are a premium cannabis dispensary that handles our products every step of the way from cultivation to production, to packaging and getting the product into our customer’s hands with exceptional quality standards throughout.

Medizin LV The Best Luxury Dispensary to Buy Cannabis in Las Vegas

Medizin LV The Best Luxury Dispensary to Buy Cannabis in Las Vegas

Budding cannabis is an art and we take that very seriously. Each cannabis strain at Medizin is hand-selected and every plant produced is cultivated with special care and attention. Additionally, we ensure that each plant is perfect and meets our high standards before it is sent to production, and packaged without compromising any quality standard.

By following our exceptional practices and standards, our las vegas dispensary brings you an incredibly luxurious experience with a large variety of cannabis products for both cannabis- connoisseurs as well as the newest products to the industry. Our Medizin dispensary is curated to provide a unique experience and atmosphere, we not only have premium products in stock but a vividly premium experience to offer at the same time. Recreating the feel that Medizin was awarded for as having the Best Las Vegas Vibe in 2017 by the Las Vegas Medical Marijuana Association.

Medizin also offers impeccable services with highly knowledgeable staff. Our budtenders possess massive experience with cannabis and can provide you with an exclusive one-to-one service; helping you find the best combinations that could bring relief to your medical symptoms or bring you the elevated experience you’ve been searching for! Whether you’re looking to alleviate symptoms from a medical illness or just release stress after a long week, you can always visit us at our luxurious cannabis dispensary in Las Vegas, Medizin. Our staff will help you find the perfect strain and while you experience our soothing, easy-going, local environment!

If you would like to stay indoors, you can also easily visit our website and place an online order for delivery right to your door! Our online menu shows all our products and provides you with detailed descriptions of each product so you can make a quick and informed decision. Once you place the order, Medizin offers ultra-quick delivery services or you can choose to pick up the order curbside or in-store.

So, what are you waiting for? Choose the strain that could be your best fit and enjoy the incredible delivery and curbside pickup services offered at Medizin!

Medizin Dispensary
4850 W Sunset Rd Ste #130

T: 702-248-0346