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Working at the best premium Las Vegas dispensary, Medizin, are the most knowledgeable and friendly staff members who also aim to be your go-to cannabis guides. We aren’t only well-versed with the different types of cannabis strains available inside the dispensary but we are also knowledgeable of the characteristics and effects of each cannabis strain, as well as its best combinations.

We are always looking for ways to enhance our cannabis client’s experience using our staff’s knowledge and expertise, so we have put together all the spring favorites of Medizin’s staff in this blog post to help you plan your next visit to our dispensary!

Summer Picks by The Medizin Staff 

Read on to get to know these amazing cannabis strains from the insiders!

HaHa Watermelon Gummies – Haha Edibles is a leading cannabis edible brand making innovative cannabis-infused products that also carry forward the brand’s vision of spreading laughter and happiness all around! Watermelon Gummies by HaHa Edibles are the top summer favorite of Medizin’s staff. These infused gummies come in a package of 10 and are crafted from a strong Sativa-dominant strain with a potent proportion of THC, popular for elevating creative, energetic, and inspired feelings. 

They are also known for helping to encourage the consumers to feel focused and happy. Infused with the best terpene trio:, camphene, bisabolol, and beta-pinene, these Watermelon Gummies by HaHa take an average of forty-five minutes to absorb and react with the receptors in the human endocannabinoid system.

Hawaiian .5g Live Resin Vape Cart – This Sativa-dominant hybrid cannabis strain, Hawaiian, is both potent and is popular for igniting happy effects among consumers even while they work. Infused with a combination of terpenes including beta myrcene, ocimene, and limonene, this strain has a super-sweet aroma and the flavors of fresh tropical fruits to make you feel delighted on a bad day. It has been cultivated by your favorite Las Vegas cannabis brand, Medizin, where the quality of product and consumers’ comfort tops our list of values.

If you’re searching for something that may help get you in the summertime mood, Hawaiian could be your new favorite strain with its capability to possibly encourage happy, creative, focused, energetic, and inspired effects.  

HaHa Lime 10mg Beverage – This amazing cannabis beverage by HaHa Edibles is a favorite among staff for this summer because of its refreshing effects, aroma, and taste. Infused with an inspirational terpene profile including beta myrcene, limonene, and linalool, HaHa Lime may help encourage a calming, energizing, or relaxing effect.

Does your summer feel dull and boring? Make it exciting with the refreshing flavor and aroma of HaHa Lime Beverage. This Sativa-dominant strain may help make you feel relaxed, happy, and energetic in the summer heat! 

Wondering where to find these top summer favorites of the Medizin staff? Visit us in-store to get your hands on all of them at your convenience! Get more insight on the staff picks and find other incredible products with the help of our highly trained and professional budtenders at Medizin, the premium Vegas dispensary that knows exactly how to help guide you in choosing the perfect cannabis strain. 

If you wish to treat your insomnia, anxiety, and depression with cannabis, or if you are simply looking for a recreational experience this summer—Medizin has you covered! Of course, you can always find a wide variety of cannabis products available at the best Vegas dispensary, Medizin.

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