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Legal marijuana is readily available in Nevada these days, and some of the best medical marijuana dispensaries in the country are now located in Las Vegas. Tourists and others visiting the area will often want to partake in some cannabis smoking, but there are lots of other ways to get the active compounds from the plant into your system. With that in mind, this guide to choosing the best cannabis products should help those visiting Las Vegas to make the right decisions and have the best experience possible.

Cannabis vape pens

Experts from the Medizin dispensary in Vegas advise tourists who don’t smoke to try a cannabis vape pen before anything else. It’s a much less harmful way of getting the active chemicals into your system, and vaping should prevent you from getting a sore throat or coughing. It’s a convenient way to introduce yourself to the marijuana plant because you can take things slowly and limit your intake more than you can with a lit joint in your hand. You just need to speak to the budtender at your chosen cannabis dispensary to ask for their advice. In most instances, you will find lots of different strains and strengths available. Don’t go for the strongest one!

Edible cannabis products

Almost every legal marijuana dispensary now provides edible cannabis products for customers. That might include chocolate bars, cookies, brownies, and more. The possibilities are endless, and innovators come up with new concepts and ideas all the time. When you consume edible items from a Vegas strip dispensary, it is likely that you will notice effects on your body more than your mind. That is because cannabis works in different ways when it’s absorbed into the body using that method. However, you should always ask the budtender about the strength of the product before you eat it!


Dabbing is a concept that’s been around for more than a decade. Specialists from the best cannabis dispensaries use a complicated technique to extract concentrated marijuana from the plant. You then heat it up using a hot surface before inhaling the smoke and feeling the effects. Dabbing is not recommended for people who’ve never tried smoking cannabis in the past, but it’s excellent for those who know they can handle the intense stoned feelings it can create. Again, if you have any questions or concerns about dabbing and how it works, the budtender at a reputable marijuana dispensary will help to set the record straight.

Smoking the buds

Sometimes you can’t beat the traditional method of using cannabis, and it’s still one of the most popular ways to get THC and CBD into your body. Marijuana dispensaries in Las Vegas claim that bud sales are the backbone of their businesses. It’s the easiest way to consume the plant if you’re already a smoker, and the high you feel is rather intense. Of course, nothing is stopping visitors to Nevada who haven’t smoked cannabis in the past from putting their joints out when they feel the full effects. Indeed, you can even purchase small joint-storing products that will keep the item safe should you choose to put it out halfway through smoking.

Other cannabis products

There is no limit to the number of marijuana products you will find on the market in Las Vegas. However, just to give you a feel for the situation, here are some of the items we didn’t have time to mention in this post:

  • Cannabis infused bath products
  • Marijuana tinctures
  • Infused candles
  • Breath mints
  • Oral marijuana sprays

Some of those items are perfect for when you relax back at your hotel room after a long day exploring the strip. The other ones are excellent for those who want to try cannabis discreetly. For example, many there are small children in your group, and you don’t want them to know about your marijuana experiment. If that’s the case, the breath mints will work well.

Now you know about some of the best types of cannabis products available from medical marijuana dispensaries in Las Vegas, nothing should stand in the way of you having an incredible experience and checking out the local cannabis culture. Whether you want to try marijuana edibles, vape pens, dabs, or buds; Las Vegas is the best place in the country to engage in the activity. While cannabis has many medical effects, it’s also a fantastic plant for those who enjoy recreation. You can’t overdose, even if you might feel a little too high sometimes, and so there is no reason for concern. Just have a great time!

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