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While CBD isn’t a new product, it definitely has taken over the market as a hot seller. While there are different kinds of CBD, CBD tincture remains the most prevailing kind. What makes it so unique? Because it’s the most effective kind.

Since this is a relatively new product, not everyone knows how to use it, which is why we bring you this guide on how to take CBD tincture sublingually. But before we get on to how to use it, we must first understand the product itself.


What Is CBD Oil Tincture Sublingual?

A CBD oil in any state is a tincture. At the same time, a tincture is a herbal concentrated liquid extract. So, what is sublingual? Sublingual is how it’s consumed, which is beneath the tongue. 

Hence, it makes it the number one preference for users because it’s easy to use and straightforward since it doesn’t require swallowing or inhaling. 

Now that you know about CBD Oil Tincture Sublingual, you must also learn how to use it.


How To Use CBD Tincture Sublingual?

If you’re using a CBD tincture Sublingual the right way, you can experience the best benefits and are more likely to use it continually. This is why you must know the correct way to use a CBD tincture sublingual.


What Is The Correct Dose Of CBD Tincture Sublingual?

If you’re someone who is trying out the CBD tincture sublingual for the first time, you should start with a dosage of 500mg. Take 1mL of the 500mg dose and place it beneath your tongue.

However, if you feel the dosage is very weak, and you may feel the need for a more potent dose, step up to a dosage of 100mg.

Furthermore, if you experience chronic conditions like aches or pains, you can take a dosage of 1mL as much as two to three times a day.

Lastly, remember to take a dose every four to five hours beneath your tongue. Now that you’re aware of the amounts, you must know the correct and most effective way to use a CBD tincture sublingually to reap maximum benefits.


How To Use CBD Tincture Sublingual Most Effectively?

The most obvious first step is to unbox the CBD tincture. Next, tilt your head towards the back while raising your tongue and exposing your sublingual glands.

You’re looking to target your sublingual glands. The sublingual glands are the ones right beneath your tongue, so it shouldn’t be a task to identify and expose them.

Once you have them exposed, place the CBD oil in a dropper. Ideally, they should come in dropper packaging, but in case they don’t, use a dropper.

Using the dropper, place 1mL right under your tongue over the sublingual glands. Hold the tincture for approximately a minute, and then swallow the remainder.

That’s it, and you’ve successfully and effectively used a CBD tincture sublingually. Don’t forget to share it with your fellow CBD users for them to ensure maximum effective use.


Where to get CBD Tinctures?

Looking forward to giving CBD tinctures a try? Order it online from Medizin, an award-winning cannabis dispensary where you will find a broad range of cannabis strains and products. Delivery and curbside pickup are available between 8am and 12am.

Medizin Dispensary
4850 W Sunset Rd Ste #130

T: 702-248-0346

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