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The US cannabis industry is fearlessly moving forward, making long leaps every year. In 2020 alone, the total cannabis sales in the US exceeded $17 billion, a figure that speaks for itself. As this industry progresses, researchers are finding new hybrid strains and producing unique ways of consumption for different users.

While smoking cannabis continues to be one of the most popular methods of consumption, edibles and sublinguals are not far behind. Users may love to have a potent edible after a tiring day of work, or consume sublingual, which is relatively new, but making its way into the users’ good-books.

New and amateur users are often confused between edibles and sublinguals. In this article, we will cover how the two are different from each other, followed by the method that will be best for you.

Edibles vs. Sublinguals

When we talk about edibles, we are referring to anything that is consumed orally and is digested in your stomach. For example, there are infused beverages that you can buy, or you can have gummies, which are quite popular among users. You can also enjoy an infused cup of tea or a dessert, and the options are unending.

Sublinguals are also taken orally (which is where the main confusion arises), but they are not metabolized like edibles since they get dissolved in your mouth. The permeable mucous membranes in your mouth dissolve the sublinguals, sending them directly into your bloodstream.

Which to Choose?

Users often ask if edibles are better for them or if they should opt for sublinguals. The short version of the answer is that a consumption method doesn’t make cannabis good or bad. However, it affects your consumption experience due to the different characteristics of each method. Let’s dive into further details.

Onset – Quick vs. Slow

Edibles may take up to several hours before they kick in. There is an entire process of metabolism that undergoes after consumption, which takes time. Once the THC in cannabis reaches your bloodstream, it is when you start feeling the buzz.

On the other hand, sublingual cannabis reaches your bloodstream directly through the mouth, and skips digestion. This shortens the entire process and provides the effects in a fairly short bit of time.

Duration – Short vs. Long

One of the main reasons why edibles are gaining popularity among users is that once they kick in, they stay activated for a long duration due to the 11-hydroxy-THC. On average, it takes about six hours for the effects of an edible to last.

Sublinguals may get activated quickly, but their effect doesn’t last very long. You may experience the high for around an hour or two at max. This could be perfect for a wake and bake routine, allowing you to get on with your day within a couple of hours.

The Psychoactive Effects

Another key difference between edibles and sublinguals is that edibles are more psychoactive. This is due to the fact that during the process of digestion, THC in the cannabis is converted into 11-hydroxy-THC as it passes through the liver – 11-hydroxy-THC is far more psychoactive as compared to THC itself.

The good thing about sublingual cannabis is that you only experience the effects of THC as per your consumption, and nothing more. The compounds enter your bloodstream directly, which doesn’t allow your liver to alter compounds. In other words, you will get to experience the same psychoactive effects as the amount of THC in your cannabis is expected to provide.

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