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The cannabis industry is scaling exponentially with a current market size of over $25 billion. In 2022, the total size of the legal cannabis market is expected to reach $30 billion, and in the next three years, the US recreational cannabis market alone is projected to reach $30 billion.

When any market scales, the first benefit results in more jobs, as is the case with the US cannabis industry. It is creating jobs at a significant rate while the supply of workers is still low. In fact, to meet the increasing demand of workers, entities are looking into employing ex-cannabis offenders due to their existing knowledge about the plant.

There are countless cannabis jobs availables but yet, a small workforce to employ. This is where the general public comes in. Most people are, in the first place, unaware of the potential job opportunities or the type of jobs available within the cannabis industry.

We have taken the liberty to list some of these jobs that people may be able to apply for in the industry. While some people will be willing to join out of sheer interest, others may take it as an opportunity to avoid falling into debt. 


Being a trimmer is an excellent entry-level job for people who have little to no prior experience with the plant. It is a job directly associated with cultivating cannabis (mentioned below). This job is quite popular in places like California and Washington, where the industry is growing at some of the fastest rates. 

As a trimmer, your job will be to harvest cannabis plants, remove buds carefully so you don’t harm the plant, and trim the plant for the best aesthetic appeal. The faster you’re able to do this, the more in-demand, as you’ll be able to tend to more plants in a less time.


Think of this job as being a farmer of the cannabis plant. Your job here will mainly consist of nurturing the plant and making sure it grows perfectly. This particular job requires some prior knowledge on how to grow plants in general. For example: knowledge about pests that might harm the plant, or products or environments that ensure proper nutrition for the plant.

In addition, you will be expected to know everything about the greenhouse effect, the practices that ensure healthier growth of the cannabis plant, steps that may affect potencies, and everything else related to the growth of cannabis plants. 

Fun fact: With the growing demand for cannabis, cannabis cultivation jobs in various states are rising significantly with each passing month. 

Cultivating Director 

If you’re an expert cultivator or grower, you may get hired or promoted as a Cultivation Director, which adds to the responsibilities. As a Director, your main job will be to make sure that you comply with the state and federal laws. While federal laws remain the same throughout the country, state laws tend to vary. 

A Cultivating Director also has to lead a team of growers and trimmers, lead them in best practices, and manage timely production of the plant to meet the market demands.

Edibles Chef 

If you’re a good chef and like cannabis, there is no reason why you can’t be an Edibles Chef. The position requires you to create novel recipes and play with the existing ones to add varying strains to them. The recipes are often for desserts as they go well with cannabis – it is why people love consuming cannabis-infused cupcakes, brownies, and gummies, etc. 

Edibles Chefs also use their culinary skills to create cannabis-infused beverages like tea, coffee, smoothies, and more. In short, you will be the person creating edibles infused with cannabis. 

Quality Manager

The cannabis plant is ready – now it is time to test it. Here you will be working inside a lab where you will test the overall quality of the plant, including its aesthetics, composition, potency, and more. You will also be responsible for devising strategies for improving product quality, as well as processes to curb potential compromises on it.

A Quality Manager also often leads a team of professionals who undergo the quality-tests on a variety of cannabis strains and products. 


Once the cannabis products are tested and given a green flag by the Quality Managers, they go into the manufacturing phase. In this phase, strains from the lab are turned into full-fledged packaged products to hit the shelves on the market. You can find jobs in different domains related to cannabis manufacturing; some of the most common ones here include roles as packaging staff, packaging managers, and facility managers, etc. 

Once you become vetted in all processes related to manufacturing, you may become a VP or a Manufacturing Facility. As the VP, you will also be responsible for ensuring that the products follow the manufacturing and packaging guidelines set by the governing authorities. 

In a Nutshell 

There are countless jobs in the cannabis industry and in varying positions. If you’re willing to become part of one of the fastest-growing industries in the US, drop your CV at your nearest cannabis dispensary now. 

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