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Zkittles is a favorite of many cannabis users, whether they are newer to cannabis or if they are cannaseurs. Between Zkittlez strain THC levels mixed in with the notes on the nose and aroma, Zkittlez is a flavor like no other. Let Medizin tell you all the important parts of Zkittlez strain info so you can know all about your new favorite.

Zkittlez is an award-winning Indica dominant cannabis strain known for its blissfully calming effects and medium potency(16-21% THC). This top cannabis hybrid strain begins with an increased drive for action, where the Sativa effects energize and motivate you to start an activity. Shortly after, the Indica features of this strain set in, where a state of bliss eases into a calming, uplifting mood.  A buildup of pressure may begin around the eyes or the temples, but this will begin to lessen as time progresses. Due to the 70/30 split of indica to sativa in this hybrid, there are many different ways that people will feel the effects of this fan favorite.

In 2015, Zkittles earned the title of Best Indica of the High Times Cannabis Cup held in Michigan. It followed with getting the Cannabis Cup in San Francisco in 2015, as well as the Emerald Cup in California in 2016. There are also a few different names that this strain can also be known as such as Skittles, Skittlz, and Island Zkittlez.


This strain is descended from fruity indica favorite Grape Ape and tangy sativa Grapefruit. Zkittles combines the mental and physical effects of both parent strains to yield a smooth, multifaceted high. 

The seeds of Zkittles are only obtainable through clippings from mature, healthy plants in order to grow genetically identical “clones”. The plants love growing indoors or outdoors but in a hot, humid climate. Usually their buds are large, lumpy, pepper-shaped olive green nugs with sparse rich amber hairs and a thick frosty coating of tiny crystal white trichomes. Gardeners looking to bring out the bud’s shades of purple leave the crops in the cold, but not freezing, nighttime temperatures just when flowering begins. Most strains similar in ratio of indica and sativa suggest that Zkittles may flower anywhere between 8 and 10 week mark.

Benefits and Use

This cannabis strain specializes in reducing anxiety, inflammation, depression, and headaches.

The benefits are initially energized, focused mind, uplifted mood, relaxing, and increased creativity. Many use this well known strain for headaches, migraines, anxiety, paranoia, ADD/ADHD symptoms, inflammation, insomnia, and stress. It is also great for novice consumers. It can also help with lack of appetite from eating disorders or chronic pain. It can also help users feel mildly sleepy but doesn’t put the user to sleep most of the time. However, those who can cause paranoid cerebral effects, users who are prone to panic or who have a low THC tolerance should consume Zkittles with some caution.

Zkittles is an increasingly popular strain and it’s enjoyable as a solo treat or when shared with friends.


The dominant terpenes in the Zkittles cannabis strain that contribute to its sweet and sour aromatic profile are caryophyllene, humulene, and linalool. Most people smell and taste candy or fruity flavors known from the candy that Zkittles is named after. 

Caryophyllene (peppery) may help reduce pain, anxiety, depression, and substance addiction. This terpene also helps antioxidant, anti-viral, and anti-inflammatory properties. This is a flavor you will recognize from many herbs and spices, such as black pepper, basil, and oregano. It also gives a spicy, funky warmth to the nose, similar to cinnamon and cloves. Other well known strains that have caryophyllene are Original Glue, Purple Punch, and Chemdog. 

Humulene (hoppy) is commonly associated with subtle earthy, wood, and spicy aromas. It is the same notes that give hoppy beers their distinct taste and aroma. These tastes and aroma properties are the same ones that give cannabis its unique scent.  With anti-inflammatory, antifungal, antibacterial, and appetite suppressing, this makes it feel similar to Sherbert or GSC because of this terpene.

Linalool (floral) has a calming lavender floral scent, denoting a relaxing and improved mood. Linalool is usually found in lavender, basil, and indica strains that have been shown to have extensive therapeutic benefits in aromatherapy, scientific study, and for relaxing from cannabis. Some of what you can expect from Linalool is reducing the strength of acetylcholine, a brain chemical that controls muscle contractions and it also limits cells in the spinal cord that transmit pain signals to the brain. Other similar strains with Linalool are Do-Si-Dos, Wedding Mint #13, and Scooby Snacks.

This combination of terpenes makes the Zkittles cannabis strain one of the top cannabis strain choices for novice cannabis users. The flavors of berry, citrus, grape, grapefruit, and sweet tropical go well with the earthy, fruity, herbally, sweet aroma that comes from this award-winning strain.

There are also many different substrains of Zkittlez on the market. Some of the best in our opinion are Runtz and White Rutz.

Best Time to Engage

The medium potency of Zkittles is a great way for novice consumers to enjoy an uplifted and focused mood without feeling overwhelmed.

The best time for the Zkittles cannabis strain calls for a comfortable setting with music or a movie. The lower potency of this cannabis strain is great for the initial energy burst and settles into a positive feeling of bliss and focus, increasing certain aspects of your setting, such as music.

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