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Did you know that people consumed well over 9 billion kilograms of coffee between 2020 and 2021? Coffee has always been a morning favorite, particularly in the US where approximately 400 million cups of coffee are consumed every single day.

Cannabis users in the US have started to pair their medical and recreational products with this beverage to amplify its overall results. This raises a lot of questions like:

  • Is it safe to consume cannabis with coffee?
  • How does the combo affect your body?

There are many other questions that surface when we talk about mixing cannabis and coffee. This article highlights most of them with relevant answers, followed by tips to ensure proper consumption of this infusion.

Infusing Coffee And Cannabis – The Challenges

Mixing your favorite cannabis product with coffee can be perplexing since you have to match your terpenes and ensure that the effects don’t coincide with each other. This requires opting for the right strains and the right dosage that would provide your body with the desired effects.

Is It Safe To Consume Cannabis With Coffee?

Budtenders at a Las Vegas dispensary like Medizin can guide users about the safe doses of cannabis. Similar to the different cannabis tolerance levels among users, caffeine sensitivity also varies from person to person depending on the dosage of the products. A general rule is: new users are likely to experience the effects quicker than avid users.

How Does The Combo Affect Your Body?

Mixing cannabis and coffee affects the body in various ways. The following are a few of them that have been backed by research.

The dose of caffeine is inversely proportional to your psychoactive high from cannabis

The key to consuming cannabis with coffee is to balance out the dosages of both of them. A study conducted on animals found that consuming small dosage of caffeine with a THC-dominant strain will enable your high to last longer. The research also deduced that if you consume more coffee than usual and pair it with your favorite cannabis strains, your body may want more cannabis.

It is because as you start consuming more cannabis to match the dosage with your caffeine that your tolerance level will grow rapidly, eventually leading to increased cannabis consumption.

Higher amounts of caffeine consumption alongside cannabis, however, may reduce the psychoactive effects of your cannabis. This conclusion was met in a 2014 study that explained how the combination of coffee and cannabis may reduce the psychoactive effects of your cannabis strain.

The Combined Effects May Amplify Or Cancel Out Each Other

Dr. Meirovici – a naturopathic doctor and cannabis specialist – states that consuming edible cannabis along with coffee may amplify the effects of both (coffee and cannabis). However, there are no studies yet to prove whether metabolizing caffeine and cannabis together would “amplify or diminish” the resulting effects.

Increased Euphoria

While the previously mentioned studies conclude that combining coffee and cannabis plants may cancel out the individual effects brought to the body, a recent 2017 study contradicts this conclusion.

This new research reveals that mixing cannabis with coffee is more likely to amplify the euphoria than to cancel out this effect. This is because both cannabis and caffeine are associated with the release of dopamine within the body, so consuming the two together will amplify the euphoria by releasing more dopamine.

In Conclusion

Whether you are getting top-quality cannabis from the best Las Vegas dispensary or opting for the most well-brewed beans of coffee to sip with cannabis, there is no guarantee how your body will feel after consumption. There is still a lot of research required in this particular area, which is why having a concrete opinion on how mixing cannabis and coffee affects your body is still difficult for experts to establish.

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