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Live resin has become increasingly popular among enthusiasts due to its flavor and aromatic qualities. But what exactly is live resin? In this post, we will delve into the intricacies of live resin and how it sets itself apart from cannabis concentrates and explore ways to use it for a more enjoyable and flavorful experience.

Cannabis,Live,Resin,Nug,Run,Marijuana,Terpene,Concentrate,Dab,OilUnderstanding Resin

Resin refers to a cannabis concentrate that is derived from freshly harvested plants that are immediately frozen after harvesting. This freezing process aids in preserving the plant’s terpenes, resulting in a concentrate with an enhanced aroma and flavor profile compared to other extraction methods.

The key aspect of comprehending resin lies within its production process. While traditional concentrates such as wax or shatter are obtained from dried flowers, live resin takes an approach by utilizing fresh plant material. By subjecting the plants to temperatures of 50°F or lower, the trichomes remain intact, capturing the flavorful terpenes that might be lost during conventional extraction methods.

How is live resin manufactured?

To create live resin, harvested buds undergo rapid freezing using cryogenic techniques. Once they are frozen, they undergo a process where the cannabinoids and terpenes are extracted using solvents, like butane or propane, through closed-loop extraction methods. The resulting mixture undergoes additional purification processes to remove any remaining solvents, resulting in a liquid known as resin.

Dab,Rig,Glass,Art,For,Dabbing,Cannabis,Extracts,Oil,LiveDifferences Compared to Other Concentrates

Live resin stands out from other concentrates for many reasons. One of its advantages is that it maintains the aromas and flavors of the original plants since it is made from fresh material instead of dried flowers.

In contrast, concentrates like wax can have varying tastes depending on factors such as curing time and drying process. Live resin offers more flavor because it is immediately frozen after harvest to prevent terpene degradation.

Another important difference between resin and other extracts is its potency. Live resin often contains higher levels of terpenes, which can enhance the effects of the product. With its flavor profile and increased terpene content, live resin provides a more flavorful experience compared to other concentrates.

Vape,On,A,Black,Background,In,Smoke,,An,Electronic,CigaretteUsing Live Resin

When it comes to using live resin, there are many ways to enjoy this potent concentrate. Let’s take a look at some of them:


Dabbing is a preferred method for consuming live resin. To get started, you’ll need to heat up a dab rig or concentrate vaporizer until it reaches the desired temperature, typically around 400°F. Once it is heated up, place an ample amount (referred to as a “dab”) of resin onto the hot surface or nail and inhale the resulting vapor through the mouthpiece of the rig. Keep in mind that live resin is quite potent, so it’s best to start with small amounts and gradually increase based on your tolerance.


Another popular way to enjoy resin is by using a vape pen or cartridge specifically designed for cannabis extracts. These devices offer a discreet option for consuming resin while on the move. Most pre-filled cartridges or pens require attaching them to a battery and taking draws from the mouthpiece.

Blending into Edibles 

For those who prefer other methods of consuming cannabis concentrates, live resin can also be blended into edible products. Whether you’re adding a teaspoon of resin to your morning smoothie or incorporating it into different foods, experimenting with different recipes can lead to exciting culinary possibilities.

End Note 

If you’re an enthusiast seeking flavors and terpene-rich experiences beyond concentrates, like wax or shatter, live resin offers an exceptional option. By maintaining the plant’s qualities during the freezing and extraction procedures, this exquisite concentrate enables individuals to discover a new level of flavor and fragrance.

So why not explore the realm of resin and savor its complete potential? Whether you lean towards dabbing, vaping, or incorporating it into your recipes – live resin unveils a plethora of opportunities for cannabis enthusiasts looking for a vibrant and pleasurable encounter.

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