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Music has a way of awakening and elevating our senses: something that we simply hear but it makes us feel so much more. As legendary Grammy Award-winner Alicia Keys puts it, “music is what we cry to. It’s what we rock to and what we make love to.”

Imagine combining great tracks with a perfectly rolled blunt. Instead of being sensory overload, every single element of your songs will sound richer, clearer and more euphoric. At Medizin Las Vegas, we’ve compiled a list of the best stoner music to add to your playlist. Roll up your joint and roll out those earbuds

Bob Marley and band poster

1. Bob Marley-Easy Skanking

You just can’t have a stoner music playlist without Bob Marley: Jamaican-born, a pioneer of reggae, he was for the culture and for the people, and smoked like his generation’s Snoop Dogg. The music of Bob Marley has a way of making you feel spiritual and elevates you to a more peaceful world. In his 1978 track, Easy Skanking, he reminds us to slow down sometimes and take things easy. Roll up a joint and vibe to this song whenever you feel stressed or overwhelmed.


2. Labrinth-Still Don’t Know My Name

Labrinth released “Still Don’t Know My Name” in 2019 for the acclaimed HBO series Euphoria:  a show about sex, love, trauma, and most notably, drug use. Labrinth is the main composer for the show (executive produced by Drake), and every single track encapsulates these themes beautifully. But from the slow, almost sensual beat to the high intonations spread across “Still Don’t Know My Name”, this track will make you feel high even before your first hit.

Jon Lajoie

3. Jon Lajoie- High as F**k

This is one track that will give you the giggles if your cannabis doesn’t. Jon Lajoie is a Canadian musician, actor, and comedian who’s best known for his controversial yet funny songs. Although his songs are not every cannaseur’s cup of tea, there’s a high chance you’ll love this one. 

According to the lyrics for “High as F**k”, Jon once got so high that he thought he was having a heart attack: Something a lot of us have experienced before to some degree. What he talks about is so funny but it rings true those who bit off a bit more than they could chew.

That Good Snoop Dog

4. Snoop Dog & Wiz Khalifa- Feel So Good

When Snoop Dog and Wiz Khalifa come together to make a song, you know it will be a banger and a future canna-anthem, and they’re both true! The dank duo released “Feel So Good” song earlier in January, and it stole the hearts of many 90s babies and music lovers. A shoutout to the era’s West Coast funk, the lyrics’  flow will have you jamming to the late Nate Dogg and new age rhymes at the same time, while you feel the smooth vibe of the song as you smoke some pot.


5. Pink Floyd- Echoes

Even if you don’t smoke that often, you probably know that Pink Floyd is hands-down the best stoner rock band of all time. Their 1971 song, “Echoes”, represents humanity’s untapped potential, corrupted by the pursuit of money. Many smokers love “Echoes” because it really makes them think about the world around them and expands their mind along with what they’re smoking.

Man sitting in front of an open window

6. Kid Cudi-Marijuana

For his second studio album, American rapper Kid Cudi released a song appropriately-called “Marijuana”. This was a bold-ass move since back in 2010, recreational cannabis wasn’t legal in any states in the US. He explains in the song that with cannabis, the good times never end; they keep on rolling. One of the best parts about this song is that it ends at exactly 4:20. Cudi knew he was doing!

Blunt After Blunt

7. Danny Brown-Blunt after Blunt

Unlike other artists who use metaphors to try to sugarcoat cannabis, Danny Brown has no filter in his song, “Blunt after Blunt”. He released the song in 2011, where he uses repetition to emphasize the point he’s making. The hook goes, “I smoke blunt after blunt, after blunt, after blunt,” and so on and so forth. Listening to the song is the perfect way to chill with the circle as you join along with your own blunts.


8. Jhené Aiko- Sativa

Pull out your favorite Sativa while listening to “Sativa” by Jhené Aiko ft. Rae Sremmurd. “I’m so high, been smokin’ on this cannabis,” Jhené sings in her 2017 hit while Swae Lee and Slim Jxmmi bring the heat during the hook and their verses. You can’t  help but vibe to the beat, it literally sounds like if “Sativa” was a sound byte: Slow, very mellow and soothing, and you’ll easily get lost in your thoughts while this flows in the background.

Young Thug Stoner

9. Young Thug-Stoner

Have you ever wondered what goes on in Young Thug’s mind? “Stoner” is as close as you can get to that answer. Thug dropped the song in February 2014, where he proceeded to transport us to the multiverse of his elevated thoughts. All you need for the perfect puff is to sit back, relax and sing along to “that stoner music”.

Comfortably Numb

10. Pink Floyd-Comfortably Numb

There’s a reason why the rock legends have appeared twice in our list. Something is bound to stir inside you when you listen to their ideologies about life. Comfortably numb represents a feeling of loss. Pink Floyd sings about being okay with pain by showing an artist who steps on stage after having a leg amputation. Epic, no wonder this song made it to the list of the top 500 Greatest songs of all time.

Final Thoughts

No matter what your taste in music is or how you like to elevate, the perfect playlist to go along with your session is a match made in stoner heaven. Many of our clients will assure you that we are the best dispensary in Las Vegas! We’ll provide you with only the best cannabis to enjoy with these great tunes.  Our Las Vegas dispensary delivery and curbside pickup runs from Monday to Sunday.

All you need to do is search for “Medizin” and you’ll locate us. Contact us today with your cannabis questions.

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