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Sleeping with Cannabis

We know that the stereotype cannabis has leans heavily on the assumption that it makes users lazy and unproductive. At Medizin’s medical marijuana dispensary, we know that is simply false. However, we don’t deny that it can induce some of the best sleep of a person’s life.

Almost everyone you talk to these days complains of tiredness commonly brought on by trouble sleeping. Missing out on the 6–8 recommended hours of sleep not only makes you tired (which is bad enough), but also contributes to health issues like a weak immune system, diabetes, obesity, and much more.

How can cannabis help?

Head to your local medical marijuana dispensary and you’ll be presented with a wide range of cannabis products that have helped customers sleep more soundly. Indica strains usually induce heavier sleepy effects than sativas and are a perfect place to start when looking for zzzs.


Moderate amounts of THC from indica strains and edibles almost instantly flood the body with a relaxed feeling which is sometimes all someone needs to let themselves drift to sleep. If that isn’t the case, THC offers even more. When THC degrades over time, it converts to cannabinol (CBN). CBN is a sedating cannabinoid that is around five times more effective in sedation than THC.


What to get from your local medical marijuana dispensary.

Speak to your favorite budtender at our medical marijuana dispensary, Medizin, to let them know the details of your sleep troubles (getting to sleep, staying asleep, relaxing, etc.) and let them guide you. Keep your eye on the indicas or indica-dominant hybrids. Any method of medicating will do the trick. From edibles like Medizin’s new cannabis-infused Macadamia Nut Oil to indica-dominant strains like Raspberry Kush and beyond, there is a wide selection of cannabis products that can also be viewed as sleep aids.


One more thing to note is that since cannabis is a natural medication, it is made to work in synergy with not only your body, but also with other natural remedies. Hops, chamomile, and lavender contain terpenes that will happily work alongside the terpenes in cannabis to lull you to sleep. Although they aren’t usually available at your medical marijuana dispensary, make a trip to pick up some chamomile tea or lavender bath salts to add to your nighttime routine.


Missing out on sleep is no joke and feeling drowsy the next morning isn’t any better. If you visit a Las Vegas dispensary and try a product that either fails to relax you or leaves you in a haze the next day, don’t give up. Head back, explain the results of the first product, and keep trying until you find what is right for you!

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