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Ever since the pandemic hit us, the number of cannabis users has grown exponentially. While some people are using cannabis to benefit from CBD’s therapeutic effects, others just want to relax their minds after coping with the new norms of life the entire day. It’s fair to state that millions have successfully benefited from cannabis and continue to do so in recent years.

We know cannabis (both medical and recreational) can be beneficial for users in times of stress and anxiety, but how does this plant hold up when it comes to surgeries? Can it be consumed prior to having surgery? This is precisely what we will discuss in this blog.

Yes, It Does Have an Impact on Surgery!

There are a lot of steps involved in both major and minor surgeries, and one of the most common of these steps is anesthesia. Anesthetics are tasked to ensure that the patient is unconscious for the duration of the surgery.

Unfortunately, consuming cannabis prior to an operation may lead to issues in relation to the function of the anesthetics. In other words, you may wake up during the surgery, or you may remain unconscious for long after the surgery is over. This can sometimes lead to more serious repercussions.

While cannabis consumption may not directly impact the surgery, hindrance in the work of an anesthetic can lead to dire circumstances. If your doctor allows, you may consume it afterward to seek relief from pain.

Although human trials are yet to take place on this subject, a study on rats has already deduced that the presence of THC or CBD in your body can interfere with your anesthesia.     

THC vs. Anesthesia

Consuming THC prior to surgery may help you relax from the immense stress. However, it is never recommended to do this since THC has been found to interfere with anesthetic drugs.

A study in this regard concluded that when the anesthetic drugs react or come in contact with THC, there is a high chance that it may lead to issues like hypertension or even high fever, which can be problematic during or after surgery. In short, it is never a good idea to consume THC prior to any surgery.

Methods of Consumption

It’s not always the compounds present in cannabis that may hinder surgery. Experts believe that even the way you consume your plant also has a great deal to do with how your surgery may be impacted.

For example, consuming cannabis orally means there are high chances that your airway passages or linings may have become somewhat weaker over time. This happens because smoking or vaping leads to high temperatures of smoke that is inhaled.

Upon inhalation, the high temperatures may harm the passageways, making the job of an anesthetic more difficult, especially if he opts for oral administration of anesthesia. A standard way to avoid this potential risk is to make sure that you don’t consume cannabis orally (or in any other way) in the 72 hours leading up to your surgery.

The Verdict

In a nutshell, cannabis does impede processes leading up to surgery. There is a lot of research required to understand if and how we may be able to consume cannabis and relieve our stress prior to surgery, but as of now, the studies are inconclusive. 

It is why experts always recommended avoiding cannabis consumption until some authentic research proves otherwise.

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