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The Fall season is coming to an end, and as the weather gets colder people are looking tirelessly for new products to try for the upcoming festive season. 

There’s no better time to start looking for new strains and possibly an early gift for a beloved cannabis enthusiast. So trust in Medizin to be your go-to destination for all your holiday picks! 

In this article, we have listed a combination of some of our staff’s favorite strains suggested with the upcoming holiday season. Read through to see what our knowledgeable budtenders are recommending for this season and why! 

Dreamland Peanut Butter Cubes 4pk

If you like peanut butter and cannabis, an incredible option to choose from for this holiday season is the Peanut Butter Cubes from Dreamland. With 43.39mg of THC, the product provides users with ample potential effects while enjoying the tasteful peanut butter and decadent chocolate flavor.  

Each pack contains four cubes, each of which is dosed at 10mg.  content. The fact that this pack of cubes is a pioneer in Nevada’s edibles market further makes it worth a try. The peanut butter cubes are composed of three key terpenes, Limonene, Linalool, and Beta Myrcene.

On top of the delicious flavor of peanut butter and milk chocolate, many users have reported potential effects leaving you with feelings of relaxation and calmness. So, if you’re looking forward to enjoying a cozy time this holiday season, these Peanut Butter Cubes may just be an excellent option.

Medizin Oreoz 1g Preroll

Another absolute necessity to your holiday season pickup has got to be the Oreoz 1g preroll by Medizin. Not only are they extremely convenient to use, but they also contain 22.35% THC content, which provides you enough of a buzz to relax and enjoy the festive evening.

The Oreoz 1g preroll contains a diverse terpenes profile. It is dominated by the terpene Beta-Caryophyllene (6.7mg/g), which promotes the spicy and cinnamon-like aroma in the preroll. It also includes 3.91mg/g of Limonene and 2.6mg/g of Beta Myrcene terpenes that combine to give you an energetic, happy, and calming feeling.

So, if you’re attending a private event and want to uplift your mood after a tiring day at work, try out our staff’s recommendation of Medizin’s Oreoz 1g preroll.

Trendi Citrus Farmer 2.75g Infused Superblunt+

The Medizin’s staff of expert budtenders simultaneously agrees on this Citrus Farmer 2.75g infused Superblunt+ by Trendi. It is a hybrid that contains 28.7% THC to leave you with decent psychoactive effects a few minutes after consumption.

This Superblunt+ is composed of 0.5g of top-grade indoor crumble, 2g of premium flower and is covered with 0.1g of live resin terp sauce. The components are packed in a wood tip hemp wrap that ensures the best flow.

The terpene profile of this product includes 1.74mg/g Beta Myrcene, 1.23mg/g Beta-Caryophyllene, and 1.03mg/g limonene, providing an earthy (and hints) citrus) aroma to the product. The terpene profile of Citrus Farmer 2.75g Infused Superblunt+ matches with the product’s potency, leaving you with a calm and happy feeling. This terpene profile also enables you to enjoy several medicinal benefits of the plant.

Medizin RAZ .5g Live Resin Vape Cart

Looking for a truly relaxing evening? The RAZ .5g Live Resin Vape Cart may help you put your mind at ease. It provides significant psychoactive effects to the user due to the presence of 84.13% THC. This product comes from an Indica strain which is bound to win your vote.

It is a Raspberry Kush dominated by 17.57mg/g Beta Myrcene which provides this product its earthy essence. The vape also contains 12.11mg/g Alpha Pinene and 3.87mg/g Ocimene that combine to leave you upbeat and happy.

Due to extensive THC in this vape, it is usually opted for by avid users who are used to consuming high amounts of THC. If you want to get your creative juices running, the RAZ .5g Live Resin Vape Cart by Medizin may be of great help.

Dreamland Cookies N’ Dream Bar

Another one of our staff’s favorites is the Sunset Cookies .5g Shatter by Leaf & Vine. This highly concentrated shatter with 84.62% THC content would provide you with a significant psychoactive buzz. Due to high potency and quick activation times, products like this shatter are often only consumed by regular users.

This shatter includes 2.64 mg/g Alpha Pinene, 2.42mg Beta Myrcene, and 1.1mg/g Beta-Caryophyllene. This terpene profile adds to the potency of the shatter, leaving you with a boosted and highly energetic feeling. You will experience a piney and woody aroma using this shatter since it is dominated by Alpha-Pinene terpene.

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