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Cannabis, Vaping, and Stomach Ache Relief

Everyone knows that cannabis is one of the best ways to treat a stomach ache. Cannabis can help to reduce inflammation, ease the perception of pain, and regulate your digestive system. THC promotes appetite for those who have trouble eating while CBD makes eating more comfortable. Together, they have formed a powerful solution to stomach ache from a wide range of causes.

Of course, news articles often muddle the issue about the relationship between cannabis and medical trends. One such trend is the association between vaping and stomach aches. Here at Medizin, we’re proud to provide the clarity and answers you need to vape safely and successfully use cannabis to treat whatever is causing your stomach ache.

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What is Vaping?

Vaping is the process of heating up an oil or liquid until it evaporates into vapor, then inhaling the vapor. There are several different types of vaping available on the open market, right now. Cannabis vaping typically uses extracted cannabis oil, which is a particular type of concentrate. Cannabis vaping is usually done with pre-filled cartridges that should be purchased directly from a trusted dispensary.

Nicotine e-cig vaping, however, uses nicotine suspended in PG (propylene glycol) or VG (vegetable glycerine) and often blended with a wide variety of flavors. E-cig vaping also heats up the carrier until a vapor containing nicotine can be inhaled as a safer, smoke-free way to use nicotine.

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Vaping and Stomach Pain

Recent articles broadcasting the relationship between vaping and stomach pain are about nicotine vaping. E-cigs and tank-vapes have made it possible for people to quit smoking without quitting nicotine. However, as a result, they are able to vape a lot more nicotine than a cigarette would typically contain. While millions have successfully reduced their nicotine use through e-cig vaping, a few have gone the other direction and may experience stomach pain as a result of nicotine over-use while vaping.

Vaping stomach pain can also occur in the rare users who are allergic to propylene glycol. PG is a neutral alcohol (the chemical kind, non-intoxicating) used to suspend nicotine in vape. It is also sometimes used in cannabis vape. So those allergic to PG should pay close attention to vape cartridge ingredients.

If you are allergic to PG or are using a great deal of nicotine while vaping, vaping can result in stomach pain.

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Can I Stop Stomach Pain From Vaping?

Yes. Anyone who has been experiencing stomach pain while vaping can make a few changes to stop the stomach pain from vaping.

  • Stopping Nicotine Vaping Stomach Pain
    • If you are vaping nicotine, reduce the nicotine concentration in your e-juice and reduce your number of puffs per day. There is a good chance that you are accidentally upsetting your stomach with too much nicotine exposure.
  • Stopping Vape Stomach Pain from PG Allergy
    • If only some e-liquids cause stomach pain, look for blends that are VG-only (no PG) to determine if you have a PG allergy that is being triggered.
  • Rehydrate to Stop Vaping Stomach Pain
    • It is also strongly advised that you rehydrate regularly. Vaping both cannabis and nicotine can lead to dehydration, which can cause stomach pain if you remain dehydrated for too long.

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Why Cannabis Helps with Stomach Pain

  • Cannabis Regulates Inflammation
  • Cannabis Regulates Digestion
  • Cannabis Reduces Pain Perception

Cannabis has become a favorite way to deal with a wide range of stomach and digestive issues because it regulates three different contributors to stomach pain. 

First, cannabis and CBD especially help to regulate inflammation and digestion. Interacting with your CB2 receptors in your digestive system, cannabis can reduce unnecessary inflammation which causes tension, tenderness, and ache in your abdomen. It also regulates your digestion, which can ease some medical issues related to irregular or painful digestion.

THC also has neuroprotective properties, which can interfere with your perception of pain in situations where you cannot ease the source of stomach pain but can become more comfortable in the mean time.

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Cannabis Sativa or Indica: Which is Better for Stomach Pain? 

When looking for the right cannabis to treat a painful condition, it helps to know the difference between Sativa and Indica. In general, Indica strains are preferred by medical cannabis patients for their body-high effects. However, Sativa is preferred for daytime strains that leave your mind alert while still enjoying the holistic pain-relieving benefits of cannabis leaf or vape.

Sativa: Daytime Strains with Cerebral Effects

If you need a daytime strain that will also help to regulate a digestive issue, Sativa is a good choice. Sativas tend to offer cerebral effects that leave you feeling energetic and creative. Sativa paired with CBD is usually considered the best for pain management.

Indica: Nighttime Strains with Body Effects

Indicas tend to be sleepy body-high strains that are known for more powerful pain-relieving and deep-sleeping qualities. If you are seeking a holistic nighttime or home-treatment cannabis strain for stomach pain, indicas with CBD are considered a strong choice.

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How to Manage Stomach Pain Using Cannabis

The way you use cannabis for stomach pain can also influence your results. Try these tips to get the best results in managing a temporary or long-term stomach pain issue with the help of good cannabis.

Explore Different Strains and Strengths

Everyone responds to cannabis strains a little differently. And when it comes to stomach pain, you may have different requirements depending on the pain’s source and your lifestyle needs. So try different strains and strengths to discover whether you prefer indica, sativa, high or low CBD percentage, or different terpene blends for the best effects on your body.

Try Vape, Smoke, and Edibles

While we started this conversation about vaping and stomach pain, vaping cannabis isn’t your only option. Some people find that smoking cannabis is uniquely useful for some digestive conditions, while others find that cannabis edibles provide the gentle, long-term effects that are most soothing. Try each method to determine what works best for you.

Stay Hydrated

Lastly, be sure to stay hydrated. All stomach pain issues, whether related to digestive issues, medical conditions, or recent injury, are benefitted by your body having plenty of water to work with. Cannabis is also made more bioavailable when you stay hydrated and you can counteract some of the moisture lost through vaping or smoking by staying up on your water and electrolytes.

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Manage Your Stomach Pain with Medizin

Here at Medizin, we believe in the medicinal qualities of cannabis. If you are experiencing stomach pain related to vaping or any other condition, we’re here to help. Contact us today to explore which cannabis options are best to help with your stomach pain concerns.

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