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Consuming cannabis has always been an excellent way to relax after a hectic day. However, if you consider yourself to be more health-conscious, there is one minor concern people may tie to smoking their favorite strain – it likely triggers hunger.

A lot of users regularly report excessive cravings and end up eating junk food post cannabis consumption. To aid those that consider themselves to be more attentive to additional weight gain, this article is dedicated to ways that may help you beat the munchies.

Picking the Right Times

You may want to avoid the munchies, but that does not mean you want to skip your regular meals. This is why consuming cannabis before scheduled meal times can be an excellent idea because you can ease those spikes in hunger by consuming your usual meal, thereby avoiding munchies (and any unwanted gains). This also helps users to reach for the foods you tend to eat for health such as meats, vegetables, and grains instead of reaching for chocolate bars and chips.

Also don’t cut back on the size of your other meals, just because you think you might get the munchies later. By ensuring that you feel satiated after every meal, it will help your body to send less cravings for anything to give your body energy.

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Finding Healthier Alternatives

You may not always want to schedule your cannabis consumption right before meals, and that is alright! Whenever you finish a pre-roll and start feeling hungry, opt for healthier alternatives to munch on.

Instead of buying a bag of chips or ordering a pizza, have some toasted peanuts or almonds. You can also prepare bowls of your favorite salad and have them premade sitting in your fridge, knowing you’re consuming cannabis that day. Whenever you are done with your pre-roll, you can simply grab a salad bowl from your fridge and enjoy it.

If you find yourself reaching for sweets like chocolates or ice cream, try keeping some berries or other fruits on hand to get the sweet flavors you’re looking for, but with less of the preservatives and other ingredients that are in pre-made sweets. 

Another option is to make something like Banana Nice Cream instead of reaching for a pint of ice cream. All you need is frozen bananas blended up until smooth. Plus you can add things like cocoa nibs, strawberries, or vanilla bean paste to create flavors that you might be looking for in ice cream.

Here is a pro tip: use your creative side to prepare healthy treats ahead of time that are fun to eat, easy to make, and don’t fill your body with empty calories.

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Keep Yourself Busy

When you have too much time on your hands, you will keep thinking about how hungry you feel. It may be especially beneficial to users that know they lose all sense of self-control after consuming cannabis to pre-plan something to distract themself. This can range from anything like a movie to watch, a social activity with friends and family, a game, or really anything to take your mind off the want for food. 

Some users like to utilize the creative energy they get from cannabis to create art pieces. This doesn’t mean you need to feel like you have to be Picasso when you finish smoking your favorite flowers It can be as simple as even just doing a paint by number, making an inspirational canvas, or simply coloring in a coloring book to help distract your mind from reaching for a snack that you may not actually be hungry for.

The key is to put yourself in a situation where you can hone in and truly stay busy, your mind doesn’t have time to wander around but focus on the task at hand.

Reaching For High CBD Strains

Unlike how certain strains of THC will lead to increased munchies, high CBD strains do not typically cause munchies. By reaching for CBD products such as CBD Oil or 1:1 THC:CBD edibles, some people report feeling less likely to reach for snacks and such. Also as some people like to use cannabis for pain relief, by utilizing CBD with THC or instead of THC, users can still get the pain relief without having munchies on top of this.

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Keeping Your Teeth Clean

Most of us don’t reach for that pulpy glass of orange juice right after brushing our teeth mainly because of the way it either tastes or makes our mouth feel. This practice can also help with eating other snacks or sugary fizzy drinks. Brushing your teeth can help avoid picking up certain snacks if you don’t like the flavors mixing.

Add More Exercise to Your Routine

If you’ve tried these aforementioned tips and you still find yourself reaching for snacks, an easy fix can be to add a bit more movement to your day before reaching for your next cannabis bowl. By adding in an extra walk, jog, or other activities in your day, it will help some users to feel better about reaching for their favorite snacks during their smoke sessions.

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