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Cannabis users consume the plant for various reasons, using it to reap its therapeutic benefits to enjoying the psychoactive effects. Some consumers also seek the best of both worlds – enjoying the high along with the medicinal benefits.

Users seeking the psychoactive effects of cannabis will buy products that are higher in THC content – the compound in cannabis that causes the “high”. Although they are usually happy with the products, especially if purchased from a well-known Las Vegas dispensary, some new users may not be aware of the plant’s long-lasting effects.

This article talks about how long the high from your cannabis products lasts followed by ways to increase or decrease the timeframe of the psychoactive effects.

How Long Does The High Last?

The short answer to the story is, it depends! While regular users may have a shorter lasting effect from a standard dose of THC, it increases by a considerable margin if the same amount of THC is consumed by newbies.

Here is the longer version of the answer:

Understanding The Window Of Impairment

To understand the lasting effects of the THC, you need to understand the window of impairment. This is the time for which the user retains their high. A recent study has concluded that this window usually remains open for a maximum of up to ten hours.

The time your high lasts also depend greatly on your way of consumption. There are three main ways of consuming cannabis:

  • Eating: people use edible products like chewy gummy bears which may take a while before you start feeling the psychoactive effects of THC. Your body may take 30 minutes to start feeling high however, some users may feel the effects after ninety minutes. This is the time your body needs to metabolize cannabis and push THC into your bloodstream.
  • Inhaling: this is among the most common ways of consuming cannabis. Whether you are inhaling your cannabis or using a vape to enjoy the psychoactive benefits of THC, it will take less than ten minutes for you to get high. The process is swift because THC enters your lungs which is one of the quickest ways to spread the THC compound throughout your body.
  • Dabbing: another method used by users for cannabis consumption is dabbing which entails smoking through a dab rig. Cannabis concentrates are used for dabbing. These extracts are highly potent containing all the essential compounds of the cannabis plant with zero impurities. Due to higher potency, dabbing allows users to feel the high as soon as they take their first puff.

The abovementioned portion sums up the time it takes for THC to kick in based on consumption methods. As for the long-lasting effects, edibles take the lead since research suggests that THC ingested in your body may enable your body to maintain the high for about ten hours.

Medizin, the best Las Vegas dispensary, offers edibles and several other types of cannabis products. The team of expert budtenders will also guide you through the right doses for your luxury edibles.

Extending Your High

While the high from different cannabis products have a certain window of impairment, you can always extend this effect by following basic techniques.

As mentioned above, edibles can provide you a longer-lasting high as compared to other methods of consumption.

You can increase your dose for longer-lasting psychoactive effects. A single dose in the state of Nevada comprises 10mg of cannabis. However, increasing dosage may not be suitable for new users.

Users also tend to pair cannabis with drinking. Although it significantly increases the high, experts always recommend against it due to several potential symptoms like vomiting, sweating, and dizziness. 

How Much Is One Dose Of Cannabis?

A single dose of cannabis in Nevada is 10mg of THC, which means that if you eat one pre-portioned edible (for instance a gummy bear), you will be exposing your body to 1 dose of THC, that is 10mg of the cannabinoid.

However, this number goes higher for regular users who might require a higher dosage to feel the high from their cannabis. The right dosage of THC will depend on the person consuming it and how often they use cannabis products. More occasional users may want to stick with 10mg or less while more seasoned users may increase that number.

In A Nutshell

The time your high will last depends on various factors like the method of consumption, your tolerance level to THC, and how potent your product is.

If you get your cannabis products from a leading Las Vegas dispensary, you will be able to purchase based on personal preference.

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