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The green crack strain comes with a unique name that is sure to stand out, even to experienced cannabis connoisseurs such as yourself. In fact, the green crack cannabis strain has maintained a high level of popularity among marijuana enthusiasts for some time now and it is easy to see why. By taking the time to check out this informative guide, you can learn everything that you need to know about the green crack marijuana strain. We are here to answer the “what strain is green crack?” question once and for all, in addition to any other questions that you may have!

Unveiling the Green Crack Strain

The green crack strain is said to be a cross between 989 Super Sativa Seed Club, a Skunk #1, and an Afghani parent. Cecil C was the original breeder and he used to refer to this strain as Cush. However, rap superstar and noted cannabis lover Snoop Dogg is the one who is responsible for the green crack moniker. The name is derived from the green crack effects, which he perceived as being highly potent and among the top strains of sativa.

With heavyweights like these singing its praises, green crack has developed quite the name for itself in the cannabis community. Some may refer to it as mango crack or green crush but it is a potent strain by any name. As a 3rd place winner for Best Sativa at the Denver High Times Cannabis Cup in 2015, it stands apart from the crowd in a number of different ways.

Understanding the Effects of Green Crack Strain

The green crack strain terpenes provide the sort of effects that are sought after by a true connoisseur. Green crack effects are prized by many because of its energizing and uplifting high. Those who utilize green crack also report feeling very happy and euphoric. The THC content level tends to be high, rising to levels of up to 25%.

Because it does not have the sedative effect of other strains, the green crack strain is often recommended for social gatherings that take place during the daytime. It is also a great choice for anyone who is looking to imbibe at night time without experiencing any unwanted drowsiness. This strain is often chosen by those who are seeking pain relief.

Green crack is a great selection for anyone who is looking to alleviate stress, anxiety or depression, making it a perfect strain for those who are looking for a mental boost. It even provides helpful physical effects, reducing the negative aspects that are commonly associated with fatigue and nausea. Anyone who seeks the positive effects of a quality marijuana strain without any drowsiness would do well to consider green crack.

The testimonials from experienced users speak for themselves:

“one of the best strains you can get your hands on. GC is always know to provide effects for even veteran consumers after only a few hits. GC is a crowd favorite due to its high potency and overall cerebral invigoration. If you love that energetic, happy, euphoric-uplifted feeling then this is the perfect sativa for you,” says one user.

“Wasn’t prepared for the effects of THIS! Settled in, loaded the device, took a few lung busters……….. After a while I glanced at the clock, 2 hours had passed. I always keep a ledger of strains I try and the effects, took me a bit to figure out the medical benefits of this as it seriously smacked me in the cranium and sent me into a time warp so to sum it up as simply as I can………. Any strain so effective that I am able to stop focusing on all physical discomfort and get to visit the “dark side of the moon” for a while gets a permanent spot in my med cabinet!” added another.

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Evaluating Green Crack Strain Characteristics

The big question on green crack is often “indica or sativa?” and understandably so. With an indica bud structure and sativa effects, the best of both worlds is present here. The buds are dense but they tend to be clustered and small, as opposed to chunky. The leaves are typically yellow or pale green, with some phenotypes containing purple-streaked leaves.

The purple leaves tend to be more prominent when plants are exposed to cold while being grown. Pigments in some phenotypes can cause some leaves to be streaked with purple when plants are exposed to cold during the growth process. The pistils are rust-colored and really pop when contrasted with the colorful flowers. The trichomes are a milky white, with a sticky texture and an appearance that glistens. The Rust-colored pistils stand out against the colorful flowers. The buds are also coated in milky-white trichomes, giving them a sticky texture and a glistening appearance.

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Unraveling the Aroma and Flavor Profile of Green Crack

The green crack strain aroma is considered to be very enticing. The same goes for the green crack strain flavor. In fact, its aroma is typically described as being quite pungent, with combined notes of citrus fruit that are paired with earthy pine needle and skunk undertones. It truly dances on the user’s palate, with a sweet tropical fruit flavoring (such as the mango) that is mixed with all sorts of spices, owing to its Afghan lineage.

Users tend to describe the aroma and flavor profile as being “smooth”, with an aroma that is perfectly balanced between earthy and sweet. Flower is said to burn as smoothly as possible, with additional notes of citrus that are noticeable as well.

Determining the Indica or Sativa Nature of Green Crack Strain

Of course, green crack’s appearance and effects can create some confusion as to whether it is an indica or a sativa. It is actually a hybrid that is 65 percent sativa and 35 percent indica genetics. Sativa genetics are known for their energizing effects, while indica is associated with a drowsier feel. Because green crack is more sativa dominant, it is favored by those who seek a more energetic and cerebral high.

Green Crack Strain Terpenes: Unleashing the Aromatic Magic

Limonene, Myrcene, Caryophyllene, Linalool, Pinene, Terpineol are all part of the green crack strain’s terpene profile. Limonene is the primary terpene and is also responsible for the citrus flavoring and mood-elevating effects. Myrcene is more of a sedative but it is offset by the other terpenes. Caryophyllene is a complex terpene associated with calming effects and anti-anxiety properties.

Linalool is also associated with relaxing and calming effects, while pinene is energizing and produces a more woodsy scent. Terpineol is the least abundant of these terpenes but produces a pronounced effect, even in a smaller percentage. When used in conjunction with THC, it can provide an energizing effect for the user.

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Green Crack Strain: Effects, Benefits, and Yield

Green crack yield and green crack benefits also merit further discussion. For starters, the effects of green crack are pronounced, yet euphoric. Everything is funny and it has never been easier to crack a smile. If you ever need to laugh at someone’s jokes, green crack is the perfect strain for you. It is an energetic strain that is sure to come to the forefront anytime the best strains for daytime usage are being talked about.

Green crack also comes with a number of benefits from a medical standpoint, owing to its higher-than-usual levels of CBG. While green crack only contains 1% CBG, this is a much higher amount than the majority of other strains. CBG is closely associated with pain reduction, as well as the alleviation of inflammation. It is also considered to enhance creativity and energy levels, while also serving as a great strain for anxiety and depression.

This strain can be grown indoors or outdoors, providing a yield of a 1/2 pound to a full pound from each plant. Best results are achieved growing green crack outdoors and the flowering cycle of eight weeks is great for the more impatient grower. It is important to keep the plants from experiencing colder temperatures, in addition to providing them with proper nutrients and resisting the urge to water them excessively.

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Green Crack Strain Reviews and User Experiences

If you have any further doubts about the positive effects of green crack, these reviews say it all:

“30 years ago I was looking for my keys for about two hours only to find out they were in my hands. That was when I stop smoking pot until three weeks ago I discovered green crack. It was an uplifting creative, not stony and didn’t leave me tired also blueberry strudel, smalls is worth mentioning,” says Cloudboy.

“Works wonders for my ADHD and Bipolar. Tastes earthy and amazing and leaves head tingly and creative,” adds brittreadway19. “Works wonders for my ADHD and Bipolar. Tastes earthy and amazing and leaves head tingly and creative,” says highbrid. “Awesome strain! Gives me energy. Very uplifting. Depression and anxiety erasing. The name sounds intimidating, I know. The highs not crazy or anything lol don’t really understand why they named it green crack… but this strain really makes you feel better and happier. Def recommend,” says CannaSweetheart.


All in all, green crack is a strain that does not really present any downsides, as you would expect from any strain that has been approved by none other than Snoop Dogg himself. It offers an uplifting, cerebral high that is perfect for any time of day. Cultivation is easy and the yields are high. Best of all, green crack smells and tastes great, while also serving as a great way to treat anxiety, depression, inflammation and any number of additional ailments.

There is no shortage of benefits associated with the green crack and the allure is readily apparent. If you have yet to explore the invigorating experience for yourself, this is the perfect chance to do so. It is an aesthetically pleasing strain that is sure to provide a wide range of calming effects for all those who utilize it. For an energizing high that is truly helpful for getting through the day, you are simply not going to do much better than green crack. It is a strain that is sure to immediately become one of your favorites! Come visit and order your green crack strain today

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