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Granddaddy Purple: Everything You Need To Know About The Strain

There are so many cannabis strains present in the market today that it gets confusing (especially for new users) to choose the one they want. The most important thing required to buy a cannabis strain for consumption is to understand that strain from the inside out. By understanding the strain, it makes the consumer’s choices more clear based on the flavor, aroma, or effects they are looking for.

While there are so many strains out there, we decided to randomly pick one and tell you all about it. For this blog, we’ve chosen the strain Granddaddy Purple. Let’s discover this strain in detail!

What is Granddaddy Purple?

Granddaddy Purple is also known as Grand Daddy Purps (or GDP). It combines two common strains, the Big Bud, and the Purple Urkle. As the Big Bud and the Purple Urkle are both indica-dominant strains, it’s no surprise that Granddaddy Purple is also an indica-dominant strain. The grape-oriented flavor of this strain is one of the many reasons why users prefer using it; many users enjoy its sleep-inducing effects at night. 

This strain was created almost two decades ago in 2003 in San Francisco, California. The creator, Ken Estes, was experimenting with different strains and wanted to make an Indica using two of the most popular strains among users. It also was one of the most popular strains on the west coast and spread quickly after that. It has also helped provide genetic lineage for strains such as Purple Punch and Cherry Pie, which are also highly loved.

The buds of Granddaddy Purple are known for being distinctly good looking in nature because of its buds with a purple hue mixed with red hairs and some crystallization.

The Effects 

The Granddaddy Purple strain is among the very popular THC-induced strains that are perfect for consumption at night time. It contains anywhere between 17% and 23% of THC content which makes it moderately psychoactive. In some cases it can reach up to 27%. 

Because Granddaddy Purple THC levels are moderate, this makes it a perfect strain for both new and old users. There is a negligible amount of CBD in this strain (less than 1%) which is why this recreational strain is not the best option if you are looking for therapeutic effects from your cannabis.

The relaxing element of Granddaddy Purple can sometimes come across as couchlock for some users. However users will experience a euphoric mental high, while your body can want to remain in a sedentary during the experience.

We mentioned that the strain is good for night time, since one of its key effects is sleepiness. Users often opt for it to counter insomnia or to have a sound sleep after a tiring day. Other effects of this strain include calmness and happiness, which further trigger a sounder sleep at night.

Although CBD is not present in this strain, the other compounds add some therapeutic effects to it like stress relief and can relieve chronic pain. According to a brief study, over 41% of the people said that the strain helped them in relieving stress while 35% experienced relief from chronic pain.

Aroma and Terpenes

The Granddaddy Purple strain is dominated by the terpene Myrcene which leads to its grape-like aroma and flavor. The strain may also contain hints of a berry-like flavor, which makes it even more fun to consume. It also tends to have Pinene and Caryophylle.

Myrcene (hoppy) is commonly associated with the peppery, spicy, balsam fragrance in beer as well as lemongrass, thyme, and mango. These tastes and aroma properties are the same ones that give cannabis its unique scent.  The sedative and muscle relaxant within Myrcene makes these strains with Myrcene feel similar to Granddaddy Purple: OG Kush, and Cherry Pie.

Pinene (pine) is commonly associated with the smell of pine trees. Other strains on the market with pinene are Snoop’s Dream and Critical Mass. This terpene is used for pain, inflammation, or anxiety. Some people even report helping open airways as well as combating the short-term memory impairment associated with THC.

Caryophyllene (peppery) may help reduce pain, anxiety, depression, and substance addiction. This terpene also has antioxidant, anti-viral, and anti-inflammatory properties. This is a flavor you will recognize from many herbs and spices, such as black pepper, basil, and oregano. It also gives a spicy, funky warmth to the nose, similar to cinnamon and cloves. Other well known strains that have caryophyllene are Original Glue, Purple Punch, and Chemdog. 

In a nutshell, Granddaddy Purple is a strain worth trying regardless of how old or new of a user you are. You are bound to fall in love with its calming, buzz-inducing, and sleep-triggering effects.

Discover the Granddaddy Purple Plant

Growers love Grandaddy Purple because it produces heavy yields both indoors and outdoors. Granddaddy Purple cannabis can take between 60-65 days to reach full maturity, and if grown in the right climate, the leaves will turn a deep purple color. It is also usually seen with milky-white trichomes when the THC percentage is the highest and the buds are matured. However if left to mature until the trichomes are an amber color will create more of a relaxing high than the head high some associate with it.

Where to get this strain?

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