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Gelato strain is a legendary cannabis strain adored by many, from cannabis connoisseurs to cannabis beginners.

It has intense aromas and boasts a high potency of THC, reminding its users of a sweet-smelling dessert. The features make this cannabis strain the leading and rising star among flower consumers.

The strain is a crossed hybrid from fruity indica sunset sherbert and thin mint Girl Scout cookies as the engineering parents. It’s a great strain to use socially due to its universally mellow, high, balanced, and appealing flavor profile. Gelato is known as Larry Bird to honor the legendary basketball player with three wins in Boston Celtics.

An interesting fact about the strain is that it has a long line of phenotypes. Most breeders chose number 33 as their favorite choice when making Gelato strain cookies. The Gelato cannabis strain gives users a balance of energizing and controllable calming effects per their preferences.

As a hybrid product, the most dominant strain is the indica, while the most potent is gelato number 45. It has an excellent high THC content of 27%. Its high THC percentage and terpene profile make the Gelato strain popular among most users. The media has also played a role in making it famous through exposure by rap artists.

Terpenes of Gelato Strain

Gelato strain has a wide range of Terpenes that include:

  • Beta-caryophyllene
  • Linalool
  • Beta –myrcene
  • Terpinolene
  • Limonene

The features of gelato strain are fruity, distinctly sweet, and grassy aroma, interposed with other notes in its wide range of the aromatic spectrum. Its users might also notice lavender, earthy notes, and berry. The most common terpene in Gelato is beta-myrcene, which is also present in bay leaves, lemongrass, hops, and thyme. Beta-caryophyllene gives Gelato a spicy and earthy aroma. All the terpenes featured in the gelato strain add a specific smell and taste to it, making it the most popular among users.

Gelato Strain as a Top Shelf

Most dispensaries consider the gelato strain a top-shelf strain and often ascribe a higher price point than the other strains. That’s because it’s a novel cannabis strain compared to various iconic cannabis strains. Gelato comes from California in Bay Area. In Los Angeles, a cultivation facility 25000 square feet big continues with the innovation of cannabis in the breeding space.

There are other famous cookie Fam hybrid strains which include:

  • Cherry pie strain
  • London pound cake strain
  • Sunset sherbet strain
  • Mochi strain
  • Biscotti strain
  • Wedding cake strain

Gelato history dates back to when Jigga’s and Sherbinski started their pollination project of thin mint cookies and sunset sherbert genetics. They managed to create nearly all the phenotypes with high quality and added a unique aroma and flavor.

During the project, all phenotypes got individual numbers where 25 passed and 75 failed to qualify. Seeds from this project created gelato strain. Initially, the original cookie breeders kept the seeds to themselves and hardly let them out for sale. However, they eventually released the Gelato clones and Gelato seed bag to the world.

Growers interested in Gelato strain seeds can access them online in dispensaries within the states that have legalized cannabis in various forms. New growers should be cautious not to buy counterfeit Gelato clones and seeds.

Types of Gelato Cannabis Strains

Cookie’s Fam line of Gelato cannabis produces it in varying aromas and potencies. Generally, the popular phenotype strain is #33. There are many other types, and here’s a look at a few.

Bacio Gelato

It is phenotype #41, the most potent gelato strain in the whole lot. It’s best for users who want to stay on the couch or bed all day. It has a high THC potency and has more sedation.

Mochi Gelato

It’s phenotype #47 with an energizing effect. It gets its users up and moving; energy rises, making them productive all day. It has a minty and fruity aroma. Compared to other Gelato strains, it has similar smell and potency levels.

Gelato Glue

It combines two genetics of legendary strain of original Gelato and glue. A high THC strain makes users feel blissful, euphoric, and giggly. The users that inhale it might notice hints of diesel, pine, and chocolate.

Effects of Gelato Strains

Gelato has mixed effects ranging from happy, relaxed, euphoric, uplifted, and creative. Gelato’s products, when spread evenly, give the users just the right amount of relaxation and euphoria.

Users experience a balanced blend of mellowing and uplifting effects. The strain provides a potent dose of THC while maintaining creative pursuits and facilitating mental focus. It may also make a user happy, physically relaxed, and productive after consuming it.

Gelato Strain Medical Benefits

Gelato strain can relieve stress, anxiety, pain, depression, and insomnia. Its balanced and robust effects have made it the most popular breed among medical patients. In physical relief, it relaxes the body, reduces muscle spasms, inflammation, and headaches, and eases chronic pains.

Users with insomnia can take it at night to enhance their sleep patterns and reduce sleeplessness. For those suffering from anxiety, a small dose can reduce the stress levels without causing paranoia and overexcitement.

Products of Gelato Cannabis Strain

Gelato cannabis strains include flower buds, pre-rolls, concentrates, and vape cartridges. Gelato flower buds retail in varying quantities, but many brands sell them packaged in 3.5 grams jars or other containers.

Users may prefer to buy pre-rolls for the convenience of smoking them on the go. Gelato’s highly-priced genetics undergo distillation in arrays of cannabis-infused products that are not in flower form.

Gelatos are also available in various concentrates such as disposable vape pens, hash, shatter, vape cartridges, crumble, live resin, and sauces. The strain has high trichome production, making it a valuable breed for the extraction of cannabis.

Getting Started with the Gelato Strain

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In some regions, we offer free delivery on all minimum purchases. Contact us for any inquiries and to learn more about your favorite cannabis strain.

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