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cannabis plant is composed of over 400 chemicals including more than 60 cannabinoid compounds. Other key components of this plant include terpenes, proteins, phenols, lipids, flavonoids, and esters, among others. All of these elements combine to represent the actual profile of the plant, including its aroma and flavor.

However, most of these essential compounds are lost during the extraction and manufacturing of CBD-based products. Full-spectrum cannabis, on the other hand, retains all of these compounds during the process, enabling users to benefit from the full range of therapeutic benefits the plant offers.

In this article, we have covered everything you need to know about full-spectrum cannabis concentrates and how it benefits users.

Full Spectrum Cannabis Concentrates

We will divide this section into two parts for better comprehension:

  1. Full-spectrum cannabis
  2. CBD concentrates

Full-Spectrum Cannabis

The term full-spectrum cannabis signifies the retention of all essential cannabis compounds within a cannabis product. In other words, a full-spectrum cannabis or CBD oil means that the oil contains all the naturally occurring elements of the cannabis plant.

Cannabis Concentrates

A cannabis concentrate is a cannabis product that contains significantly higher levels of THC or CBD. These concentrates can be in the form of powder, wax, or shatter based on the type of product (oils, dabs, tinctures, etc.) users opt for.

What Is a Full-Spectrum Cannabis Concentrate?

A full-spectrum cannabis concentrate refers to concentrates that inherit the full range of compounds from the cannabis plant. The production process of full-spectrum concentrates is considerably complex as manufacturers work to retain all the beneficial compounds of the plant while ridding the impurities and unnecessary components.

This cleansing process makes cannabis concentrates more effective than the actual plant due to a higher dose of beneficial compounds present in them. The enhanced therapeutic benefits of full-spectrum cannabis concentrates may include:

  • Anti-stress
  • Anti-anxiety
  • Anti-inflammatory

How To Identify Full-Spectrum Cannabis Concentrates?

Medizin Cannabis products

A key challenge users face in finding top-quality full-spectrum cannabis concentrates is that several products on the market are not full-spectrum despite their label. Make sure you note (at least one of) the following names while seeking your full-spectrum product to ensure the integrity of your product.

High cannabinoid full-spectrum extract (HCFSE): Its diamond-like structure and unique extraction processes enable HCFSE products to retain all the desired beneficial compounds of the cannabis plant.

Live Resin: Not all live resins are full-spectrum. Their ability to retain natural plant elements comes from the process through which they are extracted. “Heating and Pressuring” is one of the processes of extraction where resins are extracted with all the desirable components of the plant.

High terpene full-spectrum extract (HTFSE): Look for the HTFSE label on your product’s packaging. This process yields high terpene levels, often labeled as “terp sauce”. If your product is extracted through HTFSE, it is likely to be full-spectrum.

Other Aspects to Consider

Finding the right full-spectrum cannabis concentrate is also about personal preferences. You can choose products based on the desired effects, the therapeutic relief, or a combination of both. Elevated THC levels in a product will lead to a greater effect while higher amounts of CBD will be more therapeutic.

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How Is Full-Spectrum Cannabis Concentrate Created?

Extracting full-spectrum cannabis requires a particular set of processes to maintain the integrity of the final product. There are a few methods that allow manufacturers to retain the full range of benefits of the flower – two of these are stated below: 

Butane Extraction

This process delivers a majority of the components like terpenes and cannabinoids to the final product. However, it still leaves behind some of the components, while delivering components disproportionally, which is why it is not the most popular method for the extraction process, especially if you want to ensure a full-spectrum final product.

CO2 Extraction

This method of extraction is based on pressure and temperature. A right blend of the two initially causes the CO2 to display both gaseous and liquid properties. Both the temperature and pressure are controlled accurately, allowing the supercritical matter to extract the core substances of the plant. However, inexperienced professionals may under or over-extract the components, which may compromise the integrity of the final product.

In Conclusion

Full-spectrum cannabis concentrates enable users to enjoy the full range of therapeutic benefits from the cannabis plant. This guide will help you identify and find the best cannabis concentrates on the market.

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