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April 20th or 4/20 is a day when the entire cannabis community celebrates the love of medical and recreational cannabis. Celebratory parties and special events are commonplace in places where cannabis is legal.

With the exponential growth of the cannabis industry in previous years, the upcoming 420 holiday is expected to be celebrated by more people than ever before! Though the spread of the Covid-19 virus has affected all industries, including the cannabis industry, there have been some silver linings for cannabis consumers. The pandemic has helped to inspire many to look for alternative treatments for pain management, anti-anxiety, and antidepressant effects while highlighting the possibilities cannabis provides to curb these symptoms. However, with the pandemic still present – it may also have an impact on 4/20 celebrations. 

While we might not be able to celebrate 420 in large gatherings this year, cannabis will most likely still be celebrated by many at home and with close friends as it has become a significant part of most people’s lives.

Wondering where to buy the premium cannabis products to help you celebrate 420? We’ve got you covered with all your favorite cannabis products stacked at the best Las Vegas dispensary, Medizin.

We put together a list of our top-quality products you need to help celebrate the 4/20 holiday from Medizin, the premium cannabis dispensary in Las Vegas.

Chloe by Medizin

Chloe by Medizin is the most mysterious, yet powerful sativa-dominant strain that is popular for its reported medicinal qualities. Though the strain contains a 60/40 ratio of sativa and indica, respectively, it has this incredible potential to encourage deep relaxation. Thus, the continuous consumption of Chloe could help a person suffering from insomnia. It may also be useful for patients with chronic pain or loss of appetite.

Trendi Lemon Killer Haze Live Resin

Live Resin is the perfect cannabis product by Trendi meant for making your 420 a delight. Live Resin is a unique form of concentrate in that the flower used is frozen immediately after harvest, rather than the typical process of curing. Freezing the raw cannabis flower helps preserve terpene and cannabinoid profiles, providing consumers with a robust flavor profile and precise effects. Trendi Lemon Killer Haze Live Resin has amazing potency and quality to help you feel super relaxed, happy, and sleepy – everything you need to feel on such a celebratory holiday.

Eye of the Tiger by Leaf & Vine

This amazing hybrid cannabis product by Leaf & Vine may make you feel super energetic, calm, happy, and relaxed this 4/20 holiday. Whether you’re celebrating the holiday at home this year or hanging out virtually with a group of friends, Eye of the Tiger could help you feel festive in all cases.

HaHa Fruit Punch Gummies

HaHa Fruit Punch Gummies are sativa-dominant with an ideal THC ratio that could instantly help you feel in the holiday spirit. They have an amazing fruit flavor and have been infused with premium cannabis oil to ensure product quality. Get in the 420 spirit with Haha, you may feel creative, energetic, happy, focused, or inspired.

Decadent Dark Chocolate Bar by Dreamland

This meticulously crafted Decadent Dark Chocolate by Dreamland comes with a bold yet whimsical flavor. It gives your tastebuds a satiable, enlightening, and enticing feeling – letting you enter a moment of the dream. It has got all the perfect ingredients that may help you feel calm, relaxed, happy, and energetic for celebrating the festivities of the 4/20 holiday.

Found your premium perfect cannabis product for this 4/20 holiday? Time to take it home from your favorite cannabis dispensary near Las Vegas –  Medizin dispensary! Visit us in-store or order online for delivery and get to know these products more closely from our highly qualified staff members. We can help you select the premium cannabis products you’re looking for to make your 4/20 all you desire!

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