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As of July 25, 2021, nearly half the US population is fully vaccinated, with California, Texas, and New York leading the charts. As we continue to move in the right direction to recover from the damage done by COVID-19, the growing administration of this vaccine to the public has surfaced a common concern among cannabis users – can cannabis be consumed before or after the shot?

Considering the effects of the vaccine are still being readily researched, its behavior and interactions with cannabis will still take time to study for accurate results. However, a mass of experts believe that consuming cannabis does not actually interfere greatly with the effects of receiving the vaccine. This article will serve to inform people, especially short-term or long-term cannabis users, that may be hesitant to get their dose of vaccine, or may not be sure if their body will react. 

Cannabis and Covid 

Millions of cannabis users are already vaccinated, and as of today, there has been no distinct evidence of the vaccine interacting poorly with alcohol or cannabis. This is really major considering a mass amount of the population continues to consume both cannabis and alcohol on a daily basis.

 A leading cannabis specialist, Dr. Frank Lucido, is one of many who’ve emphasized that their core concern revolves around the dire effects of COVID-19 on the lungs rather than how cannabis interacts with the vaccine. Lucido expresses his stance that if people continue their routine consumption habits of cannabis, he does not see a reason to be ultra-cautious towards the vaccine, as the body generates protective levels of antibodies against Covid.

Reduced Use and Risk of Recreational Cannabis

Medizin Cannabis and the Covid 19 Shot

A big question that may be asked by those hesitant to receive their dose of vaccine would be if cannabis use could potentially reduce the efficacy of the vaccine, and if so, how much would one need to reduce their consumption? It may likely worry people that THC and CBD are non-steroidal anti-inflammatories since the CDC has been warning people to distance themself from Advil or acetaminophen to relieve the soreness or fatigue associated with the Covid shot. Cannabis is known to have the ability to impact the immune system, which is a big reason why there might be a concern of whether or not the vaccine will remain just as effective. However, experts still stand by the lack of evidence and that cannabis consumption does not noticeably impact the efficacy of the Covid vaccine. 

Cannabinoids act differently in the body than other non-steroidal anti-inflammatories do. Any risk associated with cannabis is linked more to the manner in which it’s consumed. If you walk into a Las Vegas dispensary you’ll notice that there is a wide variety of ways to consume THC and CBD products. This includes edibles, vapor, concentrates, and smoke. Since cigarette smokers are at partial risk of complications if they catch Covid, heavy cannabis smokers may be considered at similar risk depending on how heavily they smoke. This is just something to consider since Covid is a respiratory virus, and smoking has been shown to affect blood vessels and the cardiovascular system. However, this risk is only associated with infection of the virus and not with the immune response to the vaccine. 

Medical Cannabis Consumption

It’s likely that patients and users of medical cannabis had toned down their consumption, worrying about its potential effects on the body after the COVID-19 shot. However, Eloise Theisen, a certified California Nurse Practitioner, stated that instead of cutting down on medical cannabis consumption, it may be advisable to simply wait about 24 hours post-vaccination to continue consumption at such high quantities of Cannabis content. It ensures any possible side-effects of the vaccine, such as fever and lethargy, are not potentially worsened to any degree. 

She suggests that if no side effects occur, you may continue your medical cannabis treatment. In fact, Eloise stated that she herself used CBD tincture right before going for her first shot.

Although there aren’t any proven cases of cannabis or alcohol hindering the effects of the COVID-19 vaccine, Mara Gordon, the owner of Aunt Zelda’s, stated that it is common to reduce high cannabis doses pre- and post-vaccination. She went on to state, “People that are on extremely high doses, like over 100 milligrams of CBD and stuff like that, I think they should probably wait a while if they can.” She says this because there can be an obvious immune response when utilizing cannabis medicinally, but not at a threat level to advise patients to cut back on their routine, simply waiting 24 hours for symptoms to subside should be plenty of time if needed. 

The Consensus 

Any interactions between cannabis and the Covid vaccine are still being readily studied. However, as of today, there has not been any reputable evidence that consuming cannabis interferes with the effectiveness of the vaccine. Collectively, experts seem to all agree that if a person consumes the substance on a regular basis then there should not be any reason to be concerned about continuing to do so before or after receiving their vaccination. 

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