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Coffee has been the primary choice morning beverage for Americans for decades, and duly so; it guards the receptors associated with muscle function and keeps adenosine from entering (adenosine is a compound in your body that helps it to wind down) your body. In other words, coffee keeps you wide awake!

Cannabis, on the other hand, has been known for its therapeutic effects. In fact, some recreational strains have also been found to boost your mood and energy levels.

Now, a majority of the US population loves coffee, and a vast number among them are either cannabis users already, or are experiencing the benefits of this plant for the first time in the post-pandemic world. This has led a lot of people to pop the inevitable question: what happens when you mix the two?

In this blog, we will first discuss how coffee and cannabis affect users in isolation, followed by how cannabis-infused coffee may react with your body. Let’s begin with coffee.

How Does Coffee Affect Your System?

When you consume coffee, it decreases the metabolites in your body, particularly the ones in your endocannabinoid system (ECS). Accumulation of a large number of metabolites in your ECS triggers issues like stress and anxiety, which is why when the metabolites decrease (thanks to that cup of coffee), it automatically has a decline in your anxiety and stress levels.  

This is just the surface of how coffee affects your body. It also has an impact on several other aspects like your immune system, which gets boosted with coffee, or headaches, which are also reduced when coffee enters your system.

How Does Cannabis Affect Your System?

When you consume THC (the psychoactive compound in cannabis), it attaches itself to the cannabinoid receptors inside your body, just like natural cannabinoids (produced naturally in your body) do. However, when the THC compounds take over the receptors, there is no space left for natural cannabinoids to attach with the receptors.

This hinders the neural communication inside your body, which is also why simple tasks like hand-eye coordination may sometimes feel like a challenge while you’re under the influence of THC. Several other factors also play a role in how your body reacts when it comes to contact with cannabis. For example, the dose you take and the strain you consume are significant drivers of how you will feel after cannabis consumption.

Infusing the Two

One research found that if you enjoy both cannabis and caffeine together, your psychoactive buzz will depend upon how much caffeine content you consume. The more caffeine there is, the less buzzy you will feel and vice versa.

Another study concluded that consuming a low dose of THC with caffeine is likelier to impair your working memory.

What Do Experts Suggest?

The abovementioned are two of the few studies done on this topic. Experts believe that there are still many studies required in this area and that future research may even lead to some prolific discoveries regarding consuming the two together.

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