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More people have accepted the idea of cannabis consumption in the past couple of years than ever before. While advocates are doing a good job here, it is mostly due to the constant research being conducted around cannabis benefits, effects, and potential. 

It is due to a number of research studies that we have understood the broad range of therapeutic benefits cannabis brings along. Most of these benefits come from cannabidiol, commonly known as CBD, which is found in abundance in the hemp plant. 

CBD is one of the many cannabinoids found in cannabis. Some of the most commonly known health benefits include stress-release, pain relief, reduction in epilepsy symptoms, and more. 

In this blog, we will specifically talk about how these cannabinoids perform against headaches and migraines. 


The Role of CBD Oil

 CBD oil is among the most potent forms of cannabidiol. Formal research is yet to prove a majority of the benefits from CBD oil; advocates state that it may be due to the difficulty in carrying out research in the first place due to the federal bans on cannabis. 

But if we measure the results of this oil, we can clearly see that users tend to benefit a lot from CBD oils, which leaves with the assumption that the lack of formal research around it may be the reason we are unable to measure its true potential on a scientific scale.

CBD Oil for Migraines

CBD is known for its therapeutic effects like reduction in pain and inflammation in the body. The reason being that this cannabinoid binds itself to the receptors in the brain which may allow the body to experience ease in symptoms of headaches, nausea, and migraines, etc.

A clinical survey was held to determine whether users of CBD oil saw any reduction in headache. The survey concluded that over 85% of the respondents did experience relief by administering CBD oil over a period of one month. 

Furthermore, it has been observed that cannabis users experience better relief from migraines if they use cannabis instead of other medications. Similarly, a 2018 study found out that the cannabinoid CBD contains pharmacological properties which shows great promise for the effects of CBD oil on migraines.

The Current Status 

As of now, we know through some studies that CBD, in general, holds several medical benefits on the whole. However, researchers right now are focusing more on how it would help people with chronic migraines instead of just regular headaches. 

A survey was recently conducted using the Headache Impact (Hit-6) test for a period of one month. The study revealed that participants saw about a 23% decrease in general headaches. The same survey also found out that people suffering from chronic migraines saw a 33% decrease over a period of one month. 

With over 39 million people in the US suffering from neurological diseases, a concrete breakthrough in the world of cannabis for migraines can be a huge leap. The good thing right now is that despite the lack of concrete studies around cannabis’s potential against migraines, users are still benefiting from this cannabinoid’s use. 

One of the participants (Glen) from the Hit-6 study mentioned above is a perfect example. He revealed in an interview that he no longer needs high-doses of the conventional drugs since a small dose of CBD helps in acquiring relief from severe headaches. 

We Need More Evidence

Despite several trials concluding that CBD is highly beneficial for mild to severe migraines, the truth is that we still lack formal research studies to back the claim. While users continue to benefit from CBD oils and concentrates, researchers and advocates are busy in pursuing formal CBD-based studies that could potentially paint a clearer picture of the scene. 

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