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Cannabis delivery may be the greatest invention since sliced bread. The first time many heard about a local dispensary offering delivery services, it sounded too good to be true. For all legal adults today, we lived through times when acquiring cannabis required covert meetings in apartments and parking lots. Getting cannabis was like a video game adventure, often with multiple chapters and unusual challenges. Today, you can build an order online and have it arrive at your door on the same day.

As cannabis delivery enthusiasts, you can bet we’ve explored many, many of the different situations where cannabis can be delivered. But sometimes, that delivery opportunity is juuuuust right. Today, we want to share nine of the best times to have cannabis delivered right to your door.

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When You’re Kicking Back After Work

You have just gotten home from work. You’ve grabbed a cold drink, kicked your shoes off, and are just relaxing into the couch when you realize that your stash is low. Maybe you missed the dispensary on your way home – or maybe your favorite dispensary isn’t on your way home from work. Normally, you don’t let this happen, but you really need to unwind and you really don’t want to put your shoes back on and face the world again to secure your favorite cannabis strain.

Fortunately, you’ve got a cool dispensary that delivers. Through your phone or computer, you quickly build a nice little order (or a full restock) and schedule a delivery. All you have to do is meet your guy (or gal) the door and the evening is yours.

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During Your Staycation Weekend

Even better you’ve planned to stay in this weekend. You’re not going anywhere. You’re not going to the store, you’re not running any errands, and you might not even answer your phone. Man or woman, you’ve got a date a long soak and all weekend to game, craft, garden – whatever gets you to that zen place. A staycation weekend is the best time to relax and get stoned up to your eyeballs.

So if your stash runs low, the good news is that you don’t have to break your sabbatical to swing by the dispensary. Your cannabis delivery driver will bring your favorite relaxing strain directly to you. Place a meditation chime by the front door for a soothing alert that your cannabis has arrived.

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When You’re Under the Weather

Or perhaps it’s not that you don’t want to go out, but that you can’t. Everyone gets sick sometimes, and when you do, you definitely do not want to run out of cannabis or have to run to the store to get more. Vaped or edible cannabis can help to soothe many of the least pleasant symptoms of a flu or stomach bug. But when you’re delirious from illness, it’s also hard to keep track of your stash.

Running out is not an option, but neither is leaving the house. The answer? Your handy cannabis delivery person. When you are under the weather, having people bring you things is a blessing with no need for disguise. From friends bearing soup to cannabis delivery, you can stay indoors and focus on recovering.

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When You Want the Party to Never End

You are hosting or attending an awesome party. Everyone brought a little of their own stuff, but it’s getting late, and the pre-rolls are already smoked. While you could break up the fun and send someone to the dispensary, why interrupt a great party flow or banish one person on an errand when you don’t have to?

Cannabis delivery can save your party and light up your evening by making it easy to restock on that all-night good shit. A fresh pack of sativa pre-rolls, vape carts, or flower for bongs and DIY rolling games can make sure your party doesn’t end until the sun comes up.

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When You Are Comforting a Bummed Out Friend

One of the time-honored duties of a good friend is to be there when your friend is bummed out. Comforting a friend after a breakup, a death in the family, a car accident, or a traumatizing video game run is just something a friend must do. Sometimes, the right answer is to drive them around. But if it’s a stay in and order pizza kind of consoling day, a cannabis delivery might be exactly what the doctor ordered.

With barely an interruption in your uplifting jokes and empathic listening, you can order confirm, and receive a quick infusion of cannabis to your day’s comforting plans.

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When You’re Planning a Romantic Evening

Romance sometimes takes a little stage-setting. When you’re planning a romantic evening – or making one happen on the fly – you may not have time to swing by the dispensary for that good-good to pair with a delicious meal and relaxing evening activities. Having the perfect strain of cannabis, pre-rolled or ready to crumble into some beautifully clean glassware can be the perfect accent on a perfect date – or help to smooth over a little awkwardness if the love is new.

Let your cannabis driver become a romantic concierge service. Imagine them in a tux with a silver platter to serve your cannabis upon to make the evening more fun.

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When You Have a Roast in the Oven

Sometimes, you can’t leave the house because you have committed to an all-day thing. One good example is a slow-cooking roast, but it could be anything. You can’t leave the oven unattended, have soup on a slow boil, are in charge of all-day dogsitting, or maybe you’re repainting the living room and can’t leave with it half done. 

When you can’t leave the house but you still want to light up, your cannabis can come to you. With cannabis delivery, you don’t have to risk leaving your roast in the oven to hit the dispensary in the middle of your project day. Instead, just be prepared to tell your delivery driver what that delicious smell is wafting out your front door.

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When You’re Committed to All-Day Gaming

The other kind of “can’t leave the house” situation is when you’re committed to gaming all day. Maybe you’re streaming a live run. Maybe your guild has a raid scheduled. Or maybe you’re waiting for someone awesome to log in so you can snag them for your team adventures today. Gaming can take up your whole weekend and you might not want to leave the house in the middle. You live on cereal, order pizza, and now you can order cannabis to fuel the whole ordeal as well. 

The right strain can help you not to over-tense if the game is intense, manage wrist fatigue, and amp up your focus on whatever your gaming mission is for the weekend.

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When You Miss Your Cannabis Delivery Person

Finally, you can order cannabis delivery any time you want to say hello to your favorite driver. Many people get to know their regular delivery person and if you are routinely calling for cannabis deliveries after work or to enrich your weekend, you might just make a few delivery driver friends. If you want to see your amazing cannabis delivery driver again, all you have to do is make your next cannabis re-up a delivery.

Share Special Occasions

Some of the things we covered today include special occasions that range from date night to stay-at-home levels of illness. If you are calling for cannabis delivery for a special reason, consider sharing a detail or two. Your dispensary might just send a get-well note or an extra treat to make your night extra special or help you to get well soon. Dispensaries are run by people, and people are pretty awesome.

If you have a special reason or just want to stay home, anytime can be the perfect time for a cannabis delivery from Medizin Las Vegas. We are the premium, local dispensary for Las Vegas.

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