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Cold weather is the perfect time for sweet treats. With a long cold spring hitting most of the country, now is a great opportunity to expand the baking and hot drinks season with a little cannabis-infused delight. One of the best things you can do for yourself, along with friends and family who want to join in, is to try homemade cannabis infusions. Stay home curled up under a blanket on the couch, host a small gathering, or bring the ultimate “pot-luck” dessert with one of these tasty cold-weather treats that are perfect when blended with cannabutter in the low-temp recipe.

chocolate brownies

1) Pecan Pot Brownies

Pot brownies are a great choice because they come out deliciously with a low-temp recipe. We especially love the nutty flavor blend of pecan brownies and terpenes.

Pecans can be found in huge amounts in the fall if you live near pecan trees and you may still have a few bags in the pantry. But you can also substitute any of your favorite brownie add-ins like chocolate chunks, mini marshmallows, and so much more. Mix your brownies using cannabis oil or cannabutter, then fold in your nuts and add-ins and sprinkle a crunchy layer on top for a deliciously infused dessert that is perfect in cold weather – and a recipe you can keep making all through the summer.

hot chocolate

2) Cannabis Hot Cocoa

Infusing cannabis buds into honey or whole milk makes it an excellent addition to hot drinks during cold weather. You can make a delicious frothy hot cocoa or latte coffees with cannabis cream. These delightful stovetop blends make it easy to create a pot of hot cocoa for the whole family or make a medicated and unmedicated pot based on the preferences (and ages) of your relatives.

You can mix the milk right in and heat gently or add a dollop of cannabis-infused milk, honey, or whipped cream to each medicated cup.

colorful cupcakes

3) Theme Cupcakes with cannabis Icing

Themed sweets are an adorable holiday tradition, and you don’t have to be an ace with piped icing to make something cute. Start with cupcakes topped with chocolate icing. Because cupcakes take a hotter baking temp, the best way to medicate is by whipping your cannabutter into an exquisite buttercream icing instead. Top your cupcakes with medicated cannabis icing and your friends just won’t get enough.

The cupcakes can be anything from birthday cake to devil’s food. Blend your canna-icing with food coloring for a fun color-pop and decorate in your favorite styles. You can make simple cupcake swirls using an icing bag and tip, make little characters with candy eyes, or just spread the icing on with a spatula and lose yourself in the intoxicating flavor.

oatmeal and bananas

4) Cannabis Mini Banana Puddings

Banana pudding is a favorite comfort food for many people, and a long cold season is a great time to indulge. It’s also a no-bake recipe, so is perfect for a cannabis treat. If you have a large glass dish and a very pro-pudding family, you can make a family-sized serving. But you can also make individual banana puddings in glass tumblers.

Layer your ‘Nilla wafers and banana slices around the side of the glass and then fill with layers of cannabis-enhanced pudding, plus cookies, and wafers as you would normally. As usual, chill the puddings for at least an hour before serving. These make a beautiful addition to your cannabis treats table and will be a favorite for any adult family member who shares your nostalgic love for banana pudding where the wafers have just started to go soggy.

Just be sure to clearly mark the “medicinal” puddings and make a few unmedicated cups for any children who love banana pudding just as much.

jelly filled cookies

5) Cannabis Thumbprint Cookies

Thumbprint cookies are notoriously easy, and you can even start from homemade or store-bought cookie dough. Take sugar cookie dough and roll it into a ball between your hands. Smash it into a thick disc and press an indent in the center with your thumb. Then make your cookie filling out of jam, cream, or anything you like mixed with a little cannabis oil for a relaxing boost, and fill the center with a dollop of your enhanced jam. These colorful cookies are easy, beautiful, and delicious.

close up of a pie

6) Baked Apple Pot-Tarts

Lastly, are cinnamon apples. Cinnamon apples have always been a cold weather favorite, great for warming you up on the chilliest days. The warm combination of soft baked apple and sugary cinnamon help shake off a chill and bring back memories of childhood. Baked apples are a great addition to any feast sides or dessert table, but you can also easily spice up the recipe for your dessert table by baking your apples into little personal tarts. You can also slow-bake them to make them more cannabis-friendly, or drizzle a little cannabis oil over the top when served.

Using a muffin pan or ramekins, layer store-bought pie crust with cinnamon apples for an aromatic and irresistibly tasty final result.

cream filled cookies

7) Cannabis Cookie Sandwiches

You can use a similar tactic to make delicious cookie sandwiches, sometimes called whoopie pies, by making cannabis-infused icing and fusing two delicious cookies together. Make an oily cookie like peanut butter using cannabutter to double-down on the cannabis or split your dosage between cookies (that have a higher baking temp) and icing sandwich filler infused with cannabutter or cannabis oil depending on your preference and ingredients at hand for that warm and fuzzy feeling that goes perfectly with fresh cookies.

pieces of cake

8) Cheesecake Energy Canna-Bites 

Energy bites are a great trend with tons of low-temp recipes that are perfect for cannabis infusion. To make cheesecake energy balls with cannabis, start with cream cheese filling and graham cookie crumbles. Roll them together with a few drops of cannabis oil in each for an instant hit at any party or stay-at-home snack fest. They also look surprisingly spectacular on the dessert table or arranged in a glass bowl on the coffee table for movie night.

Start Your Cannabis Baking Adventures at Medizin

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