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Frequently Asked Questions

Are you a licensed medical marijuana dispensary?

Yes, we are authorized by the State of Nevada to dispense medical marijuana.

Who is allowed to purchase medical marijuana?

Patients and designated primary caregivers who hold valid registry identification cards.

Do I need to renew my patients card? And if so, how often?

As of July 2017, medical marijuana cards must be renewed every two years. A renewal packet should arrive in the mail approximately two months prior to your card’s expiration date. Follow the enclosed instructions, complete the paperwork, and mail the packet back to the Division of Public and Behavioral Health.


We do not accept expired medical marijuana cards under any circumstance.

Do you offer 'perks' for medical patients?

    1. To ensure quick service for our medical patients, we have a dedicated line for medical check-in.
    2. We offer exclusive promotions to our medical patients via text message.
    3. We also offer discounts for our medical patients, including the following:
      1. Medical Discount: 20% off medizin-branded products
      2. Veterans Discount: 20% off medizin-branded products w/ proof of service
      3. Industry Discount: 20% off medizin-branded products w/ proof of employment
    4. Don’t forget our Loyalty Program, get rewarded for every visit and sign up! Each patient will receive VIP specials and $10 off on their 4th visit signing in. Ask us in-store for more details!


*Cannot combine discounts. Exclusions may apply

Where can I purchase Medizin-branded products?

Currently, Medizin-branded products are exclusively at Medizin Las Vegas Dispensary and Planet 13 Las Vegas Dispensary.

What are your dispensary hours of operations?

Medizin is open Monday – Sunday from 8:00am – 12:00am.

Do you have delivery and pick-up available?

Yes we do! Visit our menu to begin the process and start placing items in your cart.

We currently operate with Blackbird.

I want to buy recreational marijuana, where can I?

Please visit our other store, Planet 13 Las Vegas Dispensary, for more details about recreational Marijuana.

Do you carry CBD products?

We do indeed! Visit our menu to discover our available CBD products.

Medizin Dispensary
4850 W Sunset Rd Ste #130

T: 702-248-0346